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If there’s one thing you really don’t need to deal with when the temperatures are plummeting and snow is on the ground is a faulty furnace! This kind of living nightmare is even worse if you have youngsters or vulnerable seniors to keep warm in a Maple Ridge property. Even a furnace which is still working to some extent can be dangerous – as fumes such as carbon monoxide may be released, and without a detector in your home it would not be identified until it is possibly too late to avoid serious problems.

Below we discuss some of the problems you can experience with furnaces and early signs of deterioration that will lead to you getting furnace repair in Maple Ridge BC.

The main causes of furnace problems

There are several different elements of a furnace which can malfunction, these are the thermostat, the fans (and their parts), filters – especially when they are not changed regularly as this makes the system struggle to release enough heat, and the ignition system. Many furnace problems can be avoided by scheduling regular furnace maintenance checks by qualified technicians.

Hopefully you already have regular furnace inspections and services in hand, but even then things can go wrong, and you need to know the signs so hopefully you can troubleshoot well enough to call out an expert at the first hint of a problem, well before things become critical.

If you are not sure what you should be looking for either during your regular furnace checks, or when something starts to go wrong, don’t worry – we have laid out the key points here for you to use as a handy guide.

The main signs that your Maple Ridge furnace needs to be repaired:

  • Your heating system in unreliable

    If you notice your heating is inconsistent, okay sometimes then cold or slow to get going at others you need to have a local furnace expert check it over.

  • Your running costs are rising dramatically

    A furnace which is using a lot more fuel to run than it usually does is telling you that it is inefficient. Don’t waste any time in getting someone to look it over.

  • You notice a change in air quality

    The dust particles a furnace functioning under par emits into the atmosphere can cause unpleasant symptoms such a sore throats, irritated eyes and skin which feels dry. (Don’t forget you are also inhaling this dust!)

Things to check if your furnace has a problem

Sometimes there are minor issues which you could possibly fix yourself, so it’s worth looking at the following things before you call in an expert.

  1. Is the thermostat at the correct setting?
  2. (If relevant) Is the pilot light lit?
  3. Has the circuit breaker tripped?

If you smell gas (an aroma which may remind you of rotten eggs), then don’t hang around – evacuate the property immediately and call for emergency help as this could be a gas leak from your boiler.

Finding yourself a well-reviewed local company and having them service your furnace regularly is a great idea, then they are always on hand for callouts if a major issue develops.


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