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Who else is over having chipped nails moments after paying for a manicure? Honestly, it is one of the most frustrating things that can happen.

But what if we were to tell you that gone are the days where you no longer have to risk chipping your freshly polished nails? Instead, you can opt for nail dip powder and have that instant assurance that your nails are going to be just fine – even if you randomly hit the side of a table or wall.

What makes nail dip powder so great is that they are both extremely durable and resilient. But the most surprising thing to learn is that this powder has actually been around for decades. Prior to being dubbed as nail dip powder, people would refer to this method as an SNS manicure.

Now, nail dip powder has made a resurgence into the lifestyle and beauty industries with a bang and lots of pops of color.

Not only do we love this new technique to polish our nails, but the options for styles and colors are literally never-ending. You can choose the perfect hue for every single season of the year, with endless options to stock up on.

We have rounded up the best colors to use for every season so that your nails can always be in style.

Springtime Colors

1. The Glossy Nail

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. That is why this glossy clear color is perfect for this time of year. It provides your nails with a simple, fresh and soft nail that is totally aligned with the sentiment of the season.

What makes the glossy blank slate look so great too is that you do not have to stress about the color fading – because it is simply enhancing the natural color of your own pigment. The more saturated look will make your nails always look as if they have been freshly dipped.

2. The Neutral Hue

Similar to the glossy look, going for a neutral color nail dip is also a great option for the spring. It allows you to play with a variety of colors in your own outfits and equally support your quickly tanning skin from the extra sunshine you are getting to enjoy.

The neutral hue is great in a professional setting or a fun setting. It also allows you to play around with all your different jewelry styles and colors, with the nails supporting whatever you choose to wear that day.

3. The Mint Green Dip

Bright colors are so in. And nothing looks prettier than a minty green dipped nail. It is bold and beautiful. The mint green is equally in line with our favorite girl scout cookie, which just happens to be available in the spring too. So all in all, mint green is a go-to color this season.

Summertime Colors

1. The Periwinkle Champion

Did you know that this year’s color of the year is periwinkle? That is why you have to incorporate this color into your nail line-up at least once. But periwinkle is a stunning hue that shines bright in the daylight, making it equally the perfect color for summertime. Periwinkle is fun, bold and provides you with a newfound level of energy for this beloved time of year.

2. The Bold Blue

Another hue to play with this summer is the bold blue. When it comes to nail dips, often the bolder the better. Nothing will pop better with your summer tan than a bold blue nail that just oozes summertime vibes. Not to mention. It totally goes with any of your summer beach time styles too.

Fall Colors

1. The Soft Pink

As the sun starts to set earlier and you bring out those cozy sweaters once again, go for the soft pink nail powder dip. Not only will you bring in a softer vibe this time of year, but it will help you channel that sophisticated style that is meant to be embraced this time of year.

2. The Black on Black

You could also go the opposite direction this time of year and go for an all-black nail dip powder. Black is no longer reserved for the goths. In fact, black is back and as classic as ever. You will love the polished and glossy end result, and this color leaves room for forgiveness during the application process.

Winter Colors

1. The Glittered Gray

While the winter may have arrived and so does the colder weather, it does not mean everything has to just be literally grey. In fact, one of the best ways to brighten up your nails this time of year is to embrace the grey sparkle nail dip powder.


For every season of the year, you will be sorted when it comes to having fabulous nails with beautiful hues.


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