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The best fusion of acrobatics, yoga, and healing techniques is Acroyoga. Each day people around the world are looking for better ways to live life and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Acroyoga training practice connects you on a different level with mental peace. It is also a technique that requires the person involved to participate actively. Thus, it is energizing.

This article throws light on everything you must know about Acroyoga. Acroyoga is also known as the “Yoga of Trust”. It is practiced as a partner Yoga and includes three entities:

  • Flyer
  • Base
  • Spotter

There are many aspects of acro yoga that must be paid attention to. Primarily, Acroyoga requires professional training. You cannot expect a general Yoga practitioner to teach Acroyoga to you. There are certified Acroyoga teachers that you can learn from. This involves physical activities and complete control of the body which can do the contradictory and adversely affect your body when done wrongly.

Acroyoga In Its True Form

Acroyoga was coined officially in 2003 by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer Klein and gave it the shape that is famous today worldwide. It is not necessary for you to know high-level acrobatics or bring a partner when you decide to practice acro yoga. Though it might help those who are already active, it is not a necessity.

Acroyoga is much different from traditional yoga and involves partner yoga by the formation of various poses and balancing. It is observed that people who practice acro yoga have better mental health. Acroyoga involves partner work and therefore preaches loving-kindness, the capability to trust someone and opens the mind with positivity. As you get better and cross levels, you develop a sense of achievement and build self-confidence.

There are many Acroyoga communities across the globe that come together on various occasions like Acroyoga festivals that are organized in different parts of the world. There is online registration and you can easily be a part of it.

What To Expect At An Acroyoga Festival?

Acroyoga festivals are a great way to start as they give you a boost when you see people accomplishing flying therapeutic acts. The trust, communication that people share while performing partner acrobatics even though they are strangers is inspirational. When you invest your time in a festival like that, you tend to be more committed and embrace the activity with conviction.

Enlisted here are the various aspects that you should consider when choosing to attend a particular festival:

  • The location where the Acroyoga festival is organized. Its accessibility from your location is necessary to be figured out before you sign up.
  • Time-duration of the fest. If you are a regular, you know the standard schedule to expect with a few variations. But, for a newbie, it is advisable to do research before you lock your choice.
  • An important aspect of Acroyoga is that it can be done in either enclosed locations or out open in nature. So, if you were drawn by a headstand or washing machine poses on the beach, ending up in a hall with 50 other people can be highly disappointing.
  • The facilities that are provided by the organizers must be verified. In your quest for tranquility, you do not wish to end up in a brawl when you land at the festival to attend.
  • There are various levels in the practice of Acroyoga. You need to select the appropriate course so that you are registered for the right learnings. You can also optionally receive Acroyoga training to become a teacher/ coach yourself.

You can also travel to various countries for festivals. It might seem difficult at first. But, many people travel in large numbers across countries. And, it is a wonderful cross-cultural experience that is quite rewarding. It is also a great way to spend your vacation getting better at a recreational activity.

If you perform quick research you will have an array of options for events on Acroyoga to attend. The festivals are often in some of the following places:

  • Ubud, Bali Indonesia
  • Karnataka/Kerala, India
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • South Korea
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Virginia, United States

You can even search for many of the best acro yoga teacher training on Zing to pre-plan your itinerary in an organized way. It is important that you carefully look for the trainer/trainee program as per requirement.

The organizers often arrange for accommodation. But, there are other things that you need to manage by yourself. For example, if it’s a camping site or some relatively further location than the city, where the accommodation is not a hotel, you might have to carry some daily essentials. Another important thing to manage is your cellphone and the network you are availing of. If it’s a foreign country you are travelling to, then it becomes all the more complex as availing a sim card and a reliable network can be mammoth of a task. However, if you are travelling to India, and want to get your Indian sim card on arrival, there is Sim Raj India that can resolve your issue of using a mobile here.

With all this information in hand, you can now follow the path to wellness. Be an early bird and grab the opportunity to become a part of the healthy Acroyoga community.


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