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Coffee drinking dates back to 9th-century goats. This information did not come directly from the goats themselves but rather from their herders, who noticed their strange behavior after eating the fruit of the coffee plant.

That spurred a local monk into brewing a drink with the product – after he stayed up all night, the delicious pastime was born. Coffee, however, is not just for drinking. Below are five other ways to use instant coffee in the kitchen:

1. Cakes

The only thing in the world that makes moist chocolate cake any better is a healthy splash of instant coffee. That adds a freshly vibrant layer to the cake that instantly turns it into a hit at dinner parties.

The amount to use depends entirely on the size of the cake and how strong of a coffee flavor you’d like to add. A good rule of thumb is to start using a quarter cup of strongly brewed coffee.

2. Milkshakes

If your milkshake isn’t bringing anyone to the yard, it’s likely because it isn’t coffee-flavored. Add a splash of premade instant coffee to your blended ice cream and thin down with added milk, if needed.

The trick to using instant coffee in the kitchen is to make sure that it’s in its liquid form before adding it. That way you can adjust the brew accordingly, and it will give the coffee time to enhance its flavor.

3. Roast Beef

Roast beef is an excellent dish to make on a Sunday when the kids are outside playing, because you have time to prepare the perfect roast meal.

The acidity level replicates tannins in wines, which amplifies the flavor of the meat. Use Feliz coffee rub on the roast because it can act as a tenderizer, which means your meal will blow your family’s mind.

4. Special Stuffing

By adding a tablespoon of instant coffee granules to your stuffing mixture, you will give it an undeniable boost of flavor. That simple step will give your stuffing an added depth of flavor that can’t be achieved by using anything else.

Homemade stuffing is so easy to make, all you need is a few ingredients and a bit of time, and your stuffing will be a million times better than the store-bought kind.

5. Nutella Banana Cream Pie

Give your next banana cream pie an Italian flair by adding chocolate and coffee to it. Chocolate and hazelnut pair perfectly with banana, and they will make your pie taste like it was made by an experienced chef.

Mix some instant coffee granules into more melted chocolate and drizzle that over the top of your pie, which will make it that much more luxurious and indulgent.

To End

Coffee isn’t just for the morning, and it isn’t just for drinking. You can experiment in the kitchen by adding some coffee to your dishes – chances are it will enhance the flavors and take your cooking to the next level.


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