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Did you know that your hair can affect your confidence levels? Improve your hairstyle today. If you want to learn about some essential hair accessories for curly hair, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what curly hair accessories you should pick up.

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1. Microfiber Towel

If you have curly hair, you want to pick up a microfiber towel. Traditional towels are soft, but they can be rough on your hair. These kinds of towels will bother the cuticle, causing frizz.

A microfiber towel is a lot more gentle and will remove extra moisture from your hair.

Pick up a few of these, so you have some extra on hand. Don’t forget to bring the microfiber towel when you go visit a friend for the weekend.

2. You’ll Need a Diffuser

If you have curly hair and use a blow dryer after washing your hair, you’ll end up with a ton of frizz. Pick up a diffuser right away.

A diffuser will give you more control when directing airflow over your curls. You don’t need to worry about the curls blowing out, and you’ll end up reducing frizz.

3. Pick up a Bunch of Scrunchies

Scrunchies are another essential hair accessory. Use them if you want your curls to remain in good shape while working out.

Your curls won’t have direct contact with the elastic, and the fabric will reduce lines in your curls. You’ll end up maintaining the shape of your curls when you use a scrunchie.

Elastic hair ties are too tight and can cause your curls to break. You also might see indents in your hairstyle.

4. Try a Silk Bonnet

For all curl types, people will benefit from using a silk hair wrap. The silk bonnet will protect your curls and hairstyle at night.

Many people also like to use the silk bonnet because it protects the ends of their hair.

If you’re restless at night, you’ll definitely want a bonnet. Our hair can get damaged as we roll around in bed. If you don’t have a bonnet or want to try something else, look at getting a satin or silk pillowcase.

5. Don’t Forget a Comb

Throughout the day, we lose hundreds of hairs. If the hair doesn’t fall out on its own, it can end up creating tangles.

For curly hair, you’ll want to buy the proper comb that won’t end up damaging your hair. The bristles of the brush should be nylon. Nylon bristles are flexible and will prevent snags.

Nylon bristles are gentle on your scalp compared to other hairbrush materials.

Don’t destroy your curls with a comb that has a plastic or metal bristle. Look for one made with nylon bristles.

6. Try a Detangler Brush

If you want to remove tangles or knots from your hair, look at picking up a detangling hairbrush. A detangling brush has soft and flexible bristles that won’t cause tearing or breakage.

A lot of people with thick or frizzy hair find that a detangler brush helps them. You can also use the brush after you place a leave-in conditioner in your hair.

7. Pick up a Baseball Hat

You can also keep your curls healthy when you wear a satin-lined baseball hat. Baseball hats tend to get lined with rough fabric. The coarse material can cause damage to your natural hair.

If you love wearing baseball hats when running errands, pick up this perfect accessory.

8. Don’t Forget About a Shower Cap

A shower cap won’t just keep your curls dry while you’re in the shower. You can use a shower cap if you want to deep condition your hair while you’re doing meal prep or watching a movie.

9. Try Using a Scalp Massager

To keep your curls in good shape, consider picking up a scalp massager. You won’t have to rely on using your hands to get your hair washed.

Put the shampoo on your head. The silicone bristles on the massager will work the product into your hair.

You will end up with a healthier and cleaner scalp. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of the at-home massage.

10. Pick up a Few Head Scarves

On some days, instead of styling your hair, you could try using a headscarf instead of a baseball cap.

You can look online and find different headscarf styles to try. There are lots of unique ways to wear scarves to cover up a frizzy hair day.

Silk headscarves are an excellent way to hold thicker curly hair. Some people will wear their silk hair scarves to special outings. Others prefer to wear them every three days.

11. What About Hair Clips?

How long or thick is your hair? You will need to find clips that will hold parts of your hair in place but won’t catch the hair when you remove them.

You want a clip that won’t flatten your curls. Look for something light-weight and that will lift at the root area of your hair to help with volume.

If you have a looser curl, use this tool to add some more volume to different areas.

You could also look into curly girl products.

Now You Have Some Curly Hair Accessories

We hope this guide on hair accessories for curly hair was helpful. Consider picking up a diffuser, a silk bonnet, and the right comb.

Use these curly hair accessories to keep your hair healthy and manageable.

Do you want to learn some more tips? Read our other resources on fitness, health, and more.


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