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Your dear one’s birthday is approaching fast, and you are still wondering how to design a birthday card that really appeals? You know that you can send everyone a simple WhatsApp invite with all the details, but that would not leave your guests excited about the birthday party.

You probably need a birthday invitation card design that shows your emotions, enthusiasm, and excitement for planning the party and inviting your guests.

So here are some tips for designing a creative birthday invitation card either for yourself or for your dear ones:

Starting with the birthday invitation template

The first step in making an awesome birthday card is using a birthday invitation template. There are many templates available online on birthday invitation makers. You can easily choose any of the available templates to suit your party requirements and mood. After the card is ready, it could easily be exported and sent to all the invitees.

After you have chosen a template, the next step is customizing the card according to your preference.

Using the right color scheme

While designing the card, you must keep in mind for whom you are designing the card like your son, your wife, or your mother in law. The reason is, everyone has a different taste and liking. Some people like elegant and sophisticated design, while some like chirpy and peppy color combinations. For using vibrant colors, a wide variety of color schemes are available to choose from. Try mixing and matching different colors for excellent results.

Formatting the text correctly

While creating a birthday invite, one of the best rules to follow is leaving more blank space on the card. Humans can easily perceive the text that is uncluttered.

Irrespective of the size you are choosing for your card, you must make sure to have the right ratio between text and the available space.

Do include all the possible details

The main purpose of the invitation card is to provide information. While aesthetics and visual appeal are important aspects, we must not forget that the true essence of the invite lies in its contents that should entail even the minutest of the details related to the party, such as date, time, venue, and name of the birthday boy or girl or whoever’s birthday it is.

Style speaks a thousand words

While designing the card, you must keep in mind the style of the event you are designing the card for. E.g., in case of a kid’s birthday party, you can play more with shapes, colors, funny mascots, or some funny patterns. Alternatively, you can also create a logo for that particular event. This is going to increase the appeal and peculiarity of that event for your invitees. You can use a photo video maker for the same purpose.

Simplicity goes a long way

Do not try to make your birthday invitation card look expensive and unusual when you can amaze your guests with super simplicity. Believe us, taking this approach will really work for you. Always try using brief sentences and minimalistic fonts.

Do not add too many smileys or graphics as it is going to make the card messy.

Make use of apps while creating cards

You can always leverage specific apps for creating invites! The majority of these apps are as efficient as online card creators. But you must be aware of the fact that some of the apps can only be used for creating digital cards. On the positive note, you will be able to share your designs on social media with just a single click. There are many apps freely available online on which you can choose templates, rework on them, change colors, fonts, background images, and overall size.

Apps also give you the advantage of using stickers, personalization, and landscape and portrait orientation. There are many apps that give you opportunities for building beautiful cards with neat templates, various customization tools, and options for sharing on social media in an instant.

Avoid overdoing your card

While you are making and designing your own invitation cards, it is very important to avoid overcrowding your card with hundreds of design elements.

A key concept to follow in design is taking care of negative space, as this allows the viewer to consider all aspects of the invitation without getting a feeling of complexity. So, never hesitate to leave some blank spaces between text and images.

Beautify your card with an ampersand

Ampersands have got a very timeless and stylish appeal. If you have to make extensive use of ‘and’ in your card, then try replacing it with an ampersand. Believe us, that small use of ‘&’ will give a very unique and stylish edge to the overall appearance of your card.

You can use it between two names or even while combining those names in a unique manner, there are endless options available for you to choose from.

Maintain consistency

When you are creating an invitation card that has more than two parts, you must maintain some coherency among all the sections of the cards.

Be consistent and use a definite color palette, illustration, or layout throughout all the designs.

Try including photography

You are not always required to add illustrations or hand-drawn elements to your card. You can replace them with personal images or photographs. It is a great way of making invitations more personal and intimate.

Alternatively, you can use stock photo websites for adding images to your card. Just try once, it’s a great concept.

Add texture

Instead of using a plain sheet of paper for printing invitations, try using a textured paper, as it will add some dimensions to the flat and boring designs. You could try embossed, debossed, or letterpressed designs.

Now start creating birthday cards by following these easy tips and make sure that you have done all the formatting before sending them out.

Writing birthday cards doesn’t require any great expertise. If you keep practicing, you will be able to create birthday cards like a pro in some time. You could also earn money by creating amazing birthday cards for others as well.


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