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Usually, we want our home to become a nice place to be. Therefore, we carefully decorate and renovate it. Nowadays, there are many methods to change the interior of the house, so that it can always look modern, stylish, cozy, and pleasing to the eye.

You might be surprised by this, but creative lighting ideas can drastically change the look of your house. Proper illumination can make a bedroom look soothing and calming, and a working zone more energizing. What slips our attention too often while choosing the chandeliers and lamps for living rooms and bedrooms is bathrooms.

By thinking that a bathroom does not require any creative lighting, you can lose the opportunity of making this part of the house look charming and lovely. In this article, you will find the top four creative bathroom lighting ideas that may come in handy.


What can be better than taking a hot bath after a tedious day at work? It is one of the best ways to relax, refresh, and get rid of the thoughts about the overwhelming duties and tasks.

Candles can always make your spa evening more romantic and pleasant. Therefore, you should consider using them as an alternative lighting method on such special occasions. Luckily, there is a whole array of candles you can buy. If you choose the scented ones, your bathroom will turn into a real spa. What a luxury!

Depending on the style of the bathroom, you can choose different kinds of candle holders. They can be big or small, classic, avant-garde, or vintage. You can also make a DIY candle holder, which will personalize your bathroom and make it very cozy for you.

Just remember to lit the candles only when you’re in the bathroom and never leave a burning candle unattended. Let your safety be the priority.

Led Lights

Led lights have been growing in popularity. Depending on brightness and color, they can give a total makeover to the room. In the living room, for instance, they create a beautiful ambient light, which is the right thing for small parties and family gatherings.

Led strip lights in a kitchen help to illuminate the parts that a standard light from the chandelier has limited access to. Those who love cooking know how important it is to work in a well-lighted kitchen, especially if you prepare dishes that require a lot of precision, such as cakes or cupcakes.

When it comes to a bathroom, you can put the led bathroom downlights near the bathtub, around the mirror, or on the ceiling. It will create a very charming atmosphere in the room, and you will have the chance to spend time with your beloved person there, like in a romantic movie.

If you have a beloved person but don’t have enough time for romantic evenings because of small kids, led lights can still be useful. Very often, children have a fear of bathing. The underwater subversive waterproof led lights, which come in the whole set of colors, can make the bathing experience of a toddler seem a cool game rather than a stressful moment. And most adults would enjoy taking a bath with colourful lights inside as well.


We are used to the fact that big gorgeous chandeliers are mostly used in living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, or the songs of Sia. But rules are made to be broken. Therefore, if the size of your bathroom allows you to do this, you can experiment with the style and hang a luxurious chandelier there.

It will highlight the beautiful design of this room only if you’re careful with other decorations in it. Remember to keep the balance and not to overwhelm the bathroom with the excessiveness of details. Once you’ve chosen a luxurious chandelier, go simpler with the decor.

Lighting Shower Head

Another interesting idea for those who love creative bathroom design is an illuminated shower head. You can choose a color according to your preferences and mood. The same thing can be done with water faucets: quite an extraordinary but affordable idea for your bathroom. The best thing is that you can install it yourself and you won’t need to call a specialist for help.

In Conclusion

Proper creative lighting ideas can indeed make a carriage out of a pumpkin. Remember not to limit yourself by the rules and standards of interior design and never limit your creativity. Be brave with the decoration of your bathroom, and don’t be afraid to make it a lovely place to be.


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