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How often do you hear that someone practically live at their office? Or maybe call someone at 8 pm and realize that they are still at work? The truth, we all spent a lot of hours at our offices. And today’s amazing office designs consider that fact by offering us a relaxing environment so that we can concentrate on at work.

How can you do that? Most fashionable office designs incorporate lots of chrome and glass and outstanding modern art. But sometimes, those might not be the type of environment that employees would feel relaxed.

However, consider these tips on how you can create a relaxing environment where you will feel relaxed while concentrating.

1. Go natural

Sterile and cold finishes could bring out a sterile and cold work environment. Instead, you can consider fabrics and woods over glass and chrome, and incorporate plants in your décor. Install soft whites and perhaps leave the office windows bare so that the outdoors can fill the office.

2. Design the eating space to look like a regular family kitchen

You can consider replacing the ordinary cafeteria-style tables with a rustic eating table. These tables encourage employees to sit together. Consider dressing it up with vibrant flowers in a trendy vase to give that space a fresh scent and pop of color. The eating area can be used as a meeting space for a brainstorming session and an impromptu conversation.

3. Create flexible spaces

The real estate is becoming more and more unaffordable, and its recommended that you flex your space for you to do a lot with less. Make common places perform in various applications. Perhaps you can consider eliminating conference rooms by having sitting areas with some items like funky coffee tables and sectional sofas.

You can try desks with wheels that will move together so that you can make a large table that can be used for group meetings. Consider completing the area with several ottomans. These perform two functions and can be a char. They can also be moved all over the office with ease for quick discussions.

4. Create an area to clear the mind

We tend to spend many hours behind a computer. Sometimes we need some time to unplug and think clearly.

If you want to enable these moments, you can set aside a quiet corner or room in your office where everyone can quietly recharge and disconnect. These places are not for the meeting.

Consider incorporating home finishing like sofas and comfortable chairs, throws and plush pillows, incandescent lighting, framed artwork, plants, soft music, and a lot of books. This gives the employees what they require to get through a tough day.

5. Keep a clear desk and personalize it

For you to feel calm and focused, you don’t want a lot of distractions that pull your attention away. The best thing you can do is to keep only the items you are working on in front of you.

While you do that, avoid making your space too impersonal. Add some items that make you feel good such as decorative that holds paperclips and pens or a framed picture. If you have a large desk, you can add more items, but add a blend of beautiful and motivational things with functional choices.

6. Splurge on a Chair

Since you spend a lot of hours sitting, you should make sure that you get a comfortable chair. When you are uncomfortable, it might lead to feelings of stress.

If you are working at a large company, you might be able to request a different chair if the one you have doesn’t suit you. If the company doesn’t let you do that, it might be an excellent investment to make your work environment better.

Many office chairs tend to appear bland, but you can get affordable ones that can add style to your work environment.

7. Bring Your Personality In

You need to be intentional. As you make every change to your space, make sure to ask yourself if it reflects your style and personality. The main goal here is to have a space that makes you comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, choose storage solutions and items that you need. Using this filter will ensure that every change goes a long way to convert your office into something you will love.

8. Remember to have fun!

A lot of small businesses would want to set a fresh, playful tone to encourage innovation. To achieve that, you can mix old and new building materials like barn board and reclaimed brick. You then put them in those elements that are meant for fun. These may include a jukebox, foosball, pool table or ping-pong.

If you follow the tips below, not only will you have a fun, interactive environment that inspires creativity, but also creates a strong team workplace.


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