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Eggs are such a powerful ingredient as they can fit in well with almost any dishes from your quick meal for work to the sophisticated recipes served in luxurious restaurants.

Of course, there are a list of recipes other than omelette and your daily hard boiled eggs. In these formulas, eggs can be additive, making the dishes more savoury than ever.

Scroll down reading and prepare to have all the materials available before carrying out cooking your favorite recipe!

1. Ramen with egg

If you are in a rush for dealing with your pile of work, you cannot have plenty of time for your meal. Therefore, no option can be better than ramen for a nutritional and quick meal. You only need some fresh ramen noodles, toasted sesame seeds, pepper, chopped scallions and other ingredients all available in your pantry.

One thing that makes ramen so toothsome is the egg. Just imagine the tasty savour of a poached or oozy fried egg. That would be absolutely irresistible!

However, do note that you have the eggs fried perfectly. Don’t worry as it turns out to be quite simple. Equip yourself with a high-quality non-stick griddle which you can easily find on Kitchen Tools Club Let’s get rolling into the kitchen!

2. Poke

If you are looking for a nutritional and delicious meal, a poke bowl seems to be the perfect choice for you to try. Originated from Hawaii, this recipe is definitely worth it as it is tasty, simple and healthy. All the ingredients are so fresh that tasting poke will be an eye-widening experience.

Fresh fish and rice will be seasoned with different sauces and then add your favorite toppings. Toppings for Poke vary and this dish is at its best taste with eggs. We bet that few people try all the raw fish with fresh vegetables and eggs during daily meals. But no Poke version is without eggs so you can have scrambled eggs or ozzy fried eggs for your bowl in a creative way. Have your ingredients ready for this amazing recipe!

3. Egg Drop Soup

The cold winter is on the horizon and your weeknight meals would be more awesome if you prepare some hot soup. Nothing could be better than a bowl of hot soup after an exhausting day at work. Of course it will not take you too much time as it is so simple.

Egg drop soup has its origin from China but this recipe has now gained popularity all over the world. The soup would taste best when you have chicken broth, soy sauce, sesame oil and some fresh chives. The most important ingredient must be the egg and you need to beat the egg well.

First, combine the broth with sauce and sesame oil and boil the mixture. Wait for a few minutes before you pour the beaten eggs in, stirring up. Serve yourself with this hot soup and remember to add seasonings such as chives and pepper.

4. Scrambled eggs

No egg lovers could resist to this mouth-watering egg recipe. It seems so familiar as we can have scrambled eggs in our daily diet. But are you that sure you have mastered all the fundamental steps in making perfect scrambled eggs? If you are not so confident, follow this straightforward instruction.

First, have as many eggs as you want cracked in a bowl. Then, you can add seasonings such as pepper and salt if you want. After that, beat the eggs well. You also need a non-sticking pan to melt a knob of butter. Pour the beaten eggs in and stir up with a wooden spoon. Keep stirring until your scrambled eggs are ready.


With those four recipes mentioned above, we believe that they will all satisfy your crave for eggs. You might just have been through an amazing “food tour” right? You see, eggs can be a component in any food recipe and it does add flavour to the dishes. All the recipes we offer are qualified and easy to follow. Do not be afraid to give them all a try as you will be addicted to these egg recipes right away!


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