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Ever since I was a wee little girl, I was fond of cooking alongside my Grandma. I enjoyed the aroma of spices, the warmth of the kitchen and the rewarding first taste of the dish prepared by my own two hands. There was nothing else quite like it!

Even now I love to roam around in my kitchen, grabbing jar after jar of spices and adding them to ingredients in just the right balance. However, at times I am so tired after a long day that I don’t have the energy to get up and stand sweating over a stove. I order takeout but the feeling of not cooking saddens me.

Last week I found the best cooking game ever – Cooking Crush. Such magnificent cooking games lets me cook so many wonderfully scrumptious dishes from my phone that I simply had to share with you all!

Cooking Crush Is the Hottest New Cooking Game Around

Cooking Crush has so many happy fans all around the world. And the game makers surely know of this fact. This is why whether you are from Italy or Mexico, you will find that you can cook the food from your native region. Isn’t that absolutely grand?

The game offers the player chances to work in many different restaurants that let them cook many different dishes. It does not matter if you like pizza or if you crave ice cream, Cooking Crush lets you make these dishes step by step. In this way, you not only learn how to cook but also get familiarized with different kinds of cultures.

Cooking Crush is a True Cooking Game

1. Cooking Crush is one of the most top-notch time management games available that allows the players to work in an interactive kitchen. This kitchen game is both age-appropriate and free of any violence.

2. Cooking Crush allows its players to choose from a multitude of ingredients to cook the perfect dish. Customers walk inside the restaurant with an order that is shown on their right side in a bubble.

3. Customers wait in a row for their orders to be made. The player must assume the role of a master chef, cook with extreme confidence under their eye.

4. Using a correct order of ingredients with skill, it is the player’s job to tailor a customized dish.

5. Customers do not like to wait that long, however. It is up to the player to not crack under the pressure and make sure the orders are prepared in due time.

6. One distinguishing thing about Cooking Crush is that the game is not confined to just one kitchen. No, you can travel and seek opportunities to cook in various kitchens. From burger joints to fine patisseries, the player can cook food from all over the globe.

Cooking Crush Is More Than Just A Cooking Game

1. Cooking Crush lets the player cook various kinds of dishes but it is more than just a food game. Unlike other kitchen games, Cooking Crush lets the player customize and personalize their kitchen. The player has the option to change the curtains, furniture, countertop decorations, paintings, et cetera.

2. Cooking Crush also lets the player purchase new pots and pans. Not only do new utensils add a fresh touch to the kitchen but these come with boosters too. Boosters benefit the player with a boost in powers, usually by cutting the food preparation time in half or so.

3. Cooking Crush permits the player to interact with the customer. Aside from taking orders, the player can take action to change a customer’s mood. For example, if a customer arrives already angry, then the player can offer them a complimentary lollipop to elevate their mood. Isn’t that wonderful!

Cooking Crush Will Get You Hooked

Cooking Crush took me back to those wonderful times in the kitchen with my Grandma. Start cooking and you will see how addictive this time management game is!


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