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Loving food is another common trait in humans as it is the basic need for their survival as well. Additionally, the current times favor the idea of a globalized world where globalization of food has also occurred. The traditional Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Pakistani, and Korean cuisines can be enjoyed in any part of the world nowadays. This exposure has lead to the very creation of Cook It! where the players can easily enjoy taking orders and cooking in different restaurants of the world. Cook It! through its user-friendly interface has made sure to attract the attention of millions of people around the world. The game also aims to break the stereotypes as the players enjoy the game regardless of their gender. Cook It! has definitely introduced a new era of cooking games.

Important Features of Cook It!

  • Boosts the management skills of the players
  • Flexibility of language
  • User-friendly interface
  • A large number of restaurants
  • Easily earned bonus
  • Attractive graphics

Boosts the management skills of the players

Cook It! is not only a game for pleasure but it also serves the purpose of capacity building. The players have to manage the restaurant themselves which adds to their sense of responsibility. Additionally, the timely preparation and serving of orders also make the players considerate of their responsibilities. The artificial reality created by Cook It! has been of excessive benefit for players around the world.

The flexibility of language

Cook It! has a universal appeal because of the inclusion of many languages in which the game can be played. The players can easily pick and choose the language in which they are fluent as well as competent. This adds to the confidence of the players when they play the game in a language they know better.

User-friendly Interface

Cook It! is a simple and easy game having a user-friendly interface. The game has a simple menu and easy directions. The placing of orders and the preparation of dishes is quite easy. There are no difficult procedures or hurdles in the game. The players of any age group can easily tackle the orders and their preparation. No extraordinary expertise is required to play the game.

Many Restaurants to Cook in

Cook It! allows the players to cook in different restaurants around the globe. The players can unlock new restaurants by clearing the levels. This makes the game quite rewarding as the players get a chance to cook in a restaurant of their liking by unlocking it. The variety of restaurants makes the players aware of a world where so many different cultures and cuisines coexist. The experience widens the horizon of the players and they tend to be more tolerant towards other cultures and their practices especially related to food.

Bonus Points

Cook It! does not stress the players to clear levels as the bonus points can be easily earned by the players which helps them clear the levels. The players do not have to go through the hassle of

watching extensive ads to earn the bonus points. The ads within the game are very brief and the players can earn a handsome amount of bonus points after watching these ads. The bonus points are very rewarding and a favorite feature of most of the players.

Attractive Graphics

Cook It! is an aesthetically pleasing game that offers rich colors and fantastic contrasts. The color of the dishes is very realistic and appeases the senses of the players as well. Cook It! enhances the aesthetic sense of the players by involving them in decorating their restaurant from the items bought from the store. This feature adds to the sense of creativity and innovativeness of the players.


Cook It! has revolutionized the way of cooking and time management games. The game effectively trains the players to be responsible even in carrying out their daily tasks within a certain time limit. The game has invoked interest in young as well as old people regardless of their gender.


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