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‘Kerb appeal’ is the buzz word realtors use to describe how attractive property looks to both potential tenants or buyers, as well as your neighbors. A house which is looking dull and shabby with flaky, tired paint isn’t attractive, and creates a negative impression, regardless of how unfair that may be. So we know it’s important for a property to look as good outside as it does inside, so it shouldn’t be a difficult fix, right?

Few people without experience or training would attempt to fix a problem with their car’s engine or saw down a towering monster of a tree in their yard, so why would they even think about painting the exterior of their home? Even the keenest amateur decorator is going to find there’s a huge difference between tackling an interior revamp and making a professional job of the outside of a house.

There’s a reason why people train for years to qualify as a painter and decorator, and this is why you really need to consider talking to experts if you are planning to paint the exterior of your home. Let’s look a bit closer at exactly what kind of benefits hiring professionals will offer.

Benefit #1 – Expert house painters know about preparation

There isn’t much point in slapping some paint on the exterior of your home and calling it a day. Before you even begin to tackle the job ahead a professional painter will inspect the property closely, looking for anything which needs to be repaired or treated before thoroughly cleaning the surfaces to be painted – only then can the decorating really begin.

Typical fixes include windows which are rotting, have badly flaking paint, or need to be re-caulked. Caulking may seem pretty straightforward, but it can be problematic if you choose caulk which is not flexible or designed to be painted over.

Benefit #2 – Professionals have safety training and knowledge

The decorators may not be able to fix these problematic things themselves but they are likely to have contacts who can. This is the best route as tasks like removing paint can involve dangerous chemicals, while some new paints applied may give off fumes which can harm both people and any pets which are around. Older homes may even have lead paint to be removed – which is a tricky job in itself.

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Another essential which can pose dangers to householders attempting to paint the exterior of their home is a simple pair of ladders. You may get away with a short pair if the property is low built, but in most cases ladders are going to be a necessity. These rely on being properly secured and that the person climbing them is confident enough to function well and concentrate properly at a height. Add in unusually shaped buildings and roofs, or uneven and cluttered ground around the property which makes ladders less stable and you can see the advantage of talking to expert house painters before you try to paint the exterior of your home.

Benefit #3 – Experienced house painters know relevant information

From the best-priced place to buy specialist paint to the local building regulations and codes which could govern the work you can do, this is information only clued in experts know inside out, saving you time and possibly money as a result.

Benefit #4 – Painting experts come equipped with tools

This saves you the time and trouble of hiring or buying, then learning to use, such things as special rollers, paint sprayers, ladders, planks, scaffolding and so on.

Benefit #5 – Hiring a professional decorator saves you lots of time

This means you don’t need to take time away from work, or try to fit the painting into evenings and weekends – leaving yourself with no chance to do anything else or even to just chill and enjoy time with your family. That’s the perfect scenario for corners to be cut and things rushed to simply get it done, so it’s not a cost-effective alternative to paying those with the skills and speed to do all of it, from prep work and the main tasks, through to the cleaning up afterwards, without any problem.

Benefit #6 – You get the benefits of legal protection

When you hire an expert decorator to paint the exterior of your home you can choose someone who is properly licensed, is a member of a relevant, well-respected trade association, and has full insurance – two things you should be able to check without any issues before agreeing to the work. This gives incredible peace of mind as you know there is official help available if something did happen to go wrong for any reason. Of course, you don’t want to have a situation comes up where someone is injured or the job is not completed properly, but you do need to take precautions on the slight chance that it does.

Benefit #7 – Hiring a professional decorator is a good investment overall

If it is the idea of saving cash which makes taking on this task yourself attractive, despite the hazards, and your lack of time and experience, then you could easily be setting yourself up to be a classic example of false economy. You may well save some money but the end result may not look as good as it could have, and the results are unlikely to last as long as they would have done in other circumstances. The worst thing is having to have your own DIY work re-done, ultimately costing you even more than you imagined at the start!

There’s a reason people choose to pursue a career in a particular line of work, and that is so regular people can make use of the skills and experience in return for cash which funds their living. Of course, you have the freedom to do any kind of task yourself, but the benefits of hiring an expert will always outweigh any others.


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