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We all know that kitchens are a place in the house that will surely have to experience some spills and drops. The kitchen is the place where you prepare your meals and being as such they will most definitely need cleaning to keep them looking fresh and at the same time keeping the place hygienic. If you follow the methods listed in this article you will have an easier time keeping this part of the house cleaner over longer periods of time.

It may be fun to experiment in the kitchen, trying new recipes or teaching a family member or friend to cook. These are the fun types of experiments to do in your kitchen. What is not fun, however, is to clean up the mess that we will invariably make in this part of the house. If you use tiles in the kitchen as your flooring option, you will have an easier time keeping the kitchen clean compared to those who are using wooden floors, for example.

Make sure you clean in the right order

This may be an obvious part of the kitchen cleaning regiment but it is one that is often overlooked. You must always clean your kitchen in the right order to keep yourself from having to clean twice, an endeavour that no one is fond of.

You may be one of those people who do not particularly like cleaning floors so you decide on always doing them first when cleaning the kitchen. This is a cardinal sin when cleaning kitchens and a mistake that you must try to avoid at all costs. This is a common mistake that must be avoided. The ideal way to go about this would be to go from top to bottom. Cleaning other surfaces, like counters, will go a long way in reducing the time needed to clean your kitchen while at the same time reduce the risk of having to clean the floors twice and who in their right mind would want that, not many I am assuming.

Too much dependency on dish towels

Dish towels may be the first thing that we reach for when anything basically happens in the kitchen but an over dependency on them is certainly not desirable. We may use it to bring something out of the oven, to maybe clean up a spill or maybe to even just dry off our hands. Dish towels are certainly the one thing that we immediately rush to whenever something happens in the kitchen.

The issue with dealing with all of these problems with just one single towel is that the towel is also susceptible to wear and tear and dirt and germ accumulation. You run the risk of contaminating all the surfaces you clean with those towels. Ideally, you should have a set of towels at your disposal so that you don’t contaminate all the surfaces you are cleaning with these towels. Dish towels should be washed and hung out to dry every day or so, so that you do not cross contaminate.

Sponges in the Dishwasher

Sponges are an effective item in cleaning a variety of different types of surfaces and other things in the kitchen. They are made for multi purpose use in different scenarios. They do have the ability to take up bacteria and while they need to be cleaned on a frequent basis, you should most definitely not be cleaning them in the dishwasher.

This may sound unusual to a lot of people but the best way to keep your sponges as good as new is to wet them up a bit and to then put them in the microwave. They should ideally be in the microwave for a couple of minutes on high. This should be done every 2-3 days.

Cleaning or Washing Pots and Pans While They Are Hot

Some of us like to clean as we go along our way of working in the kitchen. This may be a desirable quality to have but if you want to make your pots and pans last for a long time and not have their qualities stripped off, then make sure you are not cleaning them while they are still hot. Take the food out of your pots and pans, enjoy said food and then go in for washing them.

Clean the Garbage Bins

Garbage bins and garbage disposals need to be cleaned often and thoroughly. This will not only get rid of unwanted smells and odors in your kitchen. Keeping these bins and disposals clean is integral to keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic. An effective way to clean them is to use baking soda or some slices of lemons. This will get rid of all unwanted smells effectively and will help in maintaining a decent atmosphere to cook and eat in.

Cleaning, in general, is a task that needs to be done as a byproduct of another task that has been done. So many look at it as an extra task. But, it should definitely not be treated that way, especially if you want to beat the germs and bacteria and have a healthy space to prepare your food in.


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