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Garage doors are daily items continuously functioning behind the scenes unseen, opening and shutting as and when required. It is a simple way to access the house. It is also a secure place to keep your vehicles. However, with everyday use, garage doors go over much wear and tear. And if you have not included your garage doors in your annual household maintenance plan, there may come a time when your garage door springs will encounter problems, or your garage door torsion spring may require repairs in no time.

Therefore, if your garage doors are taking forever to lift or open, or even get stuck and not lifting at all, you may be needing a garage door spring replacement. One of the doors has probably become removed from the garage door track. Perhaps, you have some problems with your remote. Or, it could be more severe problems, and the issues are your garage door springs. Like most parts that work in the elements, garage door springs become vulnerable to difficulties during harsh weather; frequent maintenance is the solution to keep them working in good condition. This article has gathered a few reasons why you may be having some problems with your garage door springs. Here are the top 4 reasons why repairing your garage door spring is necessary:

Broken or Damaged Garage Door Torsion Spring

The first one to go on your garage doors is the garage door torsion spring. If you are around when it gets broken or damaged, you will know it since it creates a loud sound comparable to a firecracker. If your garage doors are not staying open, perhaps you are dealing with a tension problem. If the garage door is opening a few inches and then halting; then, it may have a broken spring. It is dangerous to open a garage door with a broken or damaged garage door torsion spring. Contact a garage door repair service right away.

Noisy Garage Door Spring

Do you observe that your garage door springs produce noise? Is the loud sound driving you crazy? Often, it can be just an irritating sound and not an issue for your garage doors. But there are times that it is an indication that you have a more critical problem on your plate. By calling a garage door pro for assessing your garage door, pros can put lubricant on, examine your garage doors, and detect the real culprit. If they see that everything is fine, purchase some good garage door spring oil and lube your garage door every six months on the noisy springs.

Snapped or Loose Cables on Garage Doors

Over the tracks on each side of your garage door are extension springs. The garage door extension springs have safety cables on both sides moving through the garage door springs. These safety cables support the extension springs for control. If you have an issue with your safety cables, probably one of them snaps or becomes loose anyhow. If it happens, extension springs will have nothing to control. It will affect the operation of your garage doors.

Garage Door Spring Tension Problems

Does your garage door open yet slowly? It might likely have some tension issues with your garage door springs. The spring may be broken or require a simple adjustment from your preferred local garage door technician. With time, torsion springs soon expand and become less efficient and effective. But fortunately, this problem is mendable, but we do not suggest trying it on your own. The garage door springs are under much pressure, and repairing them yourself will pose great danger.

Garage door springs are small yet crucial parts of the door. It is essential, so make sure you lubricate them, fasten them securely. In this way, they can function at 100%. If it is not something you can discuss alone, annual maintenance by an experienced and reputable garage door company is the best solution.

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