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The era of the digital wallet is here with us, but most of us still appreciate having cash and cards in our pockets. Your wallet is supposed to make life convenient for you, but things get complicated when you are carrying something akin to a filing cabinet. It should ideally contain the essentials when still complimenting your style and preferences. A wallet should be regarded as an investment piece so that you take the time and also accommodate a sizeable budget when sourcing for one. It should be functional to carry all you need but still, serve as a fashionable statement.

Long gone are the days of thick fat wallets that will only hurt your back. Modern slim alternatives like Kinzd bifold wallet are not only stylish, but they are comfortable to carry around. When looking around for a functional wallet, keep these considerations in mind:


If you have had your wallet for a while, you have no doubt accumulated on some excesses, including business cards or plastic cards that have not been utilized in months. The first step is, therefore, to get rid of the extras in the wallet, and decide which one will serve you the best between:

• Bifold

A stylish leather bifold wallet is ideal for those who intend to fit it in their back pockets. You get minimal bulk and a single centerfold which will make it easily concealable in your pocket. Wallets like the Kinzd bifold wallet will hold all your essentials and not bulk up.

• Trifold

A trifold wallet will typically include an ID section. It is perfect for those who would like to carry an access card without having to move around with a company lanyard in the office.

• Clip

A money clip comes in handy when you just want to carry the essentials. It is perfect for an evening out of town, where you will not have the convenience of a thick trouser or a jacket pocket to fit your fat wallet. You only need to carry some cash and cards with a money clip.


In the past, crocodile skin reigned as the leather of choice, at least among buyers who were keen on luxury. This supremacy, however, has been challenged by other modern materials. One cannot help but wonder what a quality wallet should be made of and the best color.

Luxury and minimalism have become synonymous in the modern era. You will do best not to obsess over the trendiest color combination or pattern. Avoid blatant prints, however, as they reveal the make-up of a wallet in an instant.

Get good quality leather that will compliment most of your shoes and belts, like black or tan. If you are feeling adventurous, get a more subtle leather such as ostrich skin. The tell-tale dots in this kind of leather are more understated when compared to snakeskin. Basically, opt for high-quality leather, match most of your accessories, and keep it classic.


A wallet can say something about you. Think of the moments when you take it out to share a business card or to pay a bill. Put in a similar level of consideration when buying a wallet as you would do when purchasing items like shoes and clothes. Choose wisely, and consider your personal style.

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