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You know the saying “You are what you eat”, right? It’s undeniably true! However, what’s also important is how you make the food you eat. It’s not about the method; it’s about something many people don’t even give a second thought – the cookware. If cooking nutritious, wholesome meals is your goal, then you need to make sure that your pots and pans don’t leach toxic chemicals. If you want to find out what to consider in order to buy the healthiest cookware, keep on reading!


Remember when Teflon was all the rage and considered to be a staple in every kitchen? It sure was great to finally have a non-stick frying pan. And what about those aluminum pots? Teflon-coated and aluminum cookware used to be extremely popular. However, it turns out that it’s not so great, after all. These once-famous non-stick pans contain toxic compounds like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE – trademarked as Teflon), or perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA or C8). When it comes to aluminum, prolonged exposure may be linked to severe conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and neurological problems. Avoid kitchenware made of these materials, as it proved to have negative effects on both humans and animals. Fortunately, there are plenty of other healthy alternatives!

Your cooking needs

Before you buy a whole expensive set, think for a second. Are you going to cook for a small or large number of people? Do you want to cook daily or from time to time? What kind of dishes do you want to prepare? Are you going to do more boiling, steaming, sauteéing, or baking? Answer these questions thoughtfully. If you decide to buy a whole set but end up not using it as much, you’ll just clutter your kitchen, and your money will go to waste. In case when you know you cook occasionally or you want to specialize in certain dishes, buying a couple of high-quality pieces will be the best option, as opposed to purchasing an entire set. What’s more, if you want to save space in your kitchen and minimize waste, opt for multi-purpose pots and pans. Think about your cooking needs and avoid buying unnecessary items.


People like making smart purchases. When it comes to cookware, you don’t want to throw it away after a short time. Buying cheap cookware at a dollar store may look like you’re in for a great deal. However, if a piece of cookware is surprisingly cheap, it will most likely have some flaws. It may contain toxic compounds, and it probably won’t last long in your kitchen. So, instead of buying cheap cookware frequently, opt for something more expensive, but durable.


You may be surprised why some cookware brands are so expensive. Well, in the case of cookware, the price often corresponds to the quality. A good pan will weather heat, cold, and heavy use without degrading, and it will last you years! Also, you’ll know for sure what kind of materials were used in the production. That’s why it’s better to invest some money in your cookware: you’ll know it’s healthy and reliable. Don’t worry if you can’t afford top-shelf brands. There are plenty of middle-of-the-road options for you to choose from. You’ll definitely find perfect cookware that’s reasonably priced, durable, and healthy.


Healthy cookware comes in plenty of materials. They differ in many ways and have various features. Here are some examples of the safest, non-toxic cookware:

Glass cookware is non-reactive, so it doesn’t release any chemicals into your food. It’s relatively cheap, and it’s safe to place in a microwave or a dishwasher. Most glass cookware can be used on electric stoves, but not on gas ones. Even though it doesn’t work on induction stoves and it’s not non-stick, it’s durable and easy to clean.

Ceramic cookware is considered to be one of the healthiest out there. It’s good at spreading heat and cooks the food evenly. You need to be careful because the surface can get scratched easily. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most affordable and popular non-toxic options.

Stainless steel cookware is one of the top choices. It’s not non-stick, so for frying or sauteéing, you may want to use something else. However, it’s perfect for big pots of soups, pressure cookers, steamed vegetables, and cooking grains and legumes. High-quality stainless steel cookware can be expensive but can last a really long time.

Stone or stone-coated cookware is great for many reasons. It’s non-toxic, and it’s been used by people for thousands of years. With so many people who swear by it to this day, it stood the test of time really well. It heats evenly, producing great baking results. Additionally, it’s easier to use than you think, and if cared for properly, it can last you for decades.

At first, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the abundance of cookware options available on the market. However, it all boils down to your needs, priorities, and preferences. Think about the aspects we mentioned above, and you’ll see the choice will be much easier!


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