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Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or a young teen when you’re travelling it can be a challenge to find child-friendly activities that both excite your little one and excite you. We all know that a happy child means a happy day out, so finding something that suits your child’s personal preferences is key.

In a city as big and varied as London, there’s bound to be countless activities for children to enjoy. However, often it can be quite difficult to actually locate these attractions in amongst all the adult-focused ones. To help you out, here is a list of five brilliant activities that both you and your little one will love.

Science Museum

Starting simple, London’s science museum is one of the most interactive and tactile in the city. Most museums aren’t particularly child-friendly as they’re just full of information rather than experiences. The Science Museum differs because it specialises in creating really engaging exhibitions that have you get involved in the science behind the knowledge.

In fact, the Science Museum often hosts galleries and events specifically designed for young minds with science shows that welcome school groups and individuals alike.

Sports Classes

If your little one is enthusiastic and active, then sports classes are a great way to expend lots of that excess energy whilst simultaneously introducing them to a variety of sports. London has sports venues across the city ranging from large parks to smaller independent halls, meaning that whatever your preferences or needs you should be able to find something that works for you.

Sports classes are particularly good at helping young minds discover an activity that they enjoy, which they can then pursue further with your help. Building this positive relationship with sports and exercise is a great habit to build for future life too, so it’s a win-win.

Dino Snores – Sleepover at the Natural History Museum

Whilst we’ve already had a museum on this list, the Natural History Museum has a very unique experience that few others can offer. Dino Snores is a child-friendly event where little ones go into the museum after public opening hours and stay the night, enjoying a live animal show, torchlit museum trail and sleeping underneath the skeletons. Adult accompaniment is required so you can get involved too.

This is the perfect activity for a curious mind or one that already loves dinosaurs.

London Zoo

Most children find animals either fascinating or scary. If your little one leans more to fascination, then London Zoo is a brilliant destination to explore. The zoo is one of the city’s major attractions and for good reason. Hosting over 17,000 animals, there is plenty to see and it’s easy to make a day of your trip.

Additionally, if you want something even more special, you can try being a Keeper for a Day or even stay overnight in one of the zoo’s lodges. It’s a great attraction with a variety of different experiences on offer, plus everyone is bound to learn something new, too.

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Finally, for the children that love to laugh, Comedy Club 4 Kids is an amazing destination that specialises in not just running child-friendly shows but also teaching too. Famous stand-up comedians have graced Comedy Club 4 Kids’ stage many times over the years and events are hosted in venues across London.

Plus, for children who already love stand-up or have an interest, the Comedy Academy 4 Kids conducts regular fortnightly workshops that help teach 7-15 years olds how to conduct their own stand-up. Great for developing a long-term hobby early-on.

Whilst these aren’t the only child-friendly activities that London has to offer they are definitely some of the most interesting. Hopefully, this will help inspire what attractions you visit during your time in London and with any luck, your little one will love them too.


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