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Air filters are one of the most critical aspects ensuring the highest level of indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home.

Typically, an air filter traps the tiny dust particles, blowing in from the outside air that comes into a house. An air filter clogged with dirt particles circulates in the air inside your home, thus polluting it.

Regular replacement of the air filter ensures your house is free from contaminants like dust and bacteria, helping you lead a healthy life. An experienced air filter service provider can be your go-to store to get your air filter replaced.

However, the primary concern is that you don’t know how to determine the right time to change the filter. Here are a few signs you can check to decide the right time.

Your Air Filter Appears Dirty and Damaged

A visual inspection can help you decide if the filter is dirty and damaged.

Clogged filters restrict airflow and make your rooms dustier. Moreover, holes allow contaminants to enter your HVAC system, adversely affecting the air circulation inside your home.

Once you see the filter with visible dirt or damage, it is an indication that it needs replacement.

Your Allergies Are Worsening

If you or any of your family members have asthma or allergy and the symptoms worsen, your air filter might be blamed. Dirty air filters allow dust and debris to circulate throughout your home.

If you see the symptoms aggravated for no reason, then it is time to check and replace your air filter.

It Takes Longer to Control the Temperature of Your House

A lousy filter can limit the amount of heated or conditioned air circulating in your HVAC system. Your heating and cooling system might cycle for a longer duration than usual. Subsequently, the components strain more to pump out cooled or heated air, rendering your HVAC system less energy efficient. Moreover, the back of the unit gets overheated and starts expelling hot air.

Again, this is an interpretive sign indicating that you visit your go-to store, Filter King, and replace your air filter at the earliest.

Your Electricity Bill Spikes

A well-maintained filter operates effectively, and your HVAC system does not generate more power to force air through your vents. Whereas, a bad air filter will make your HVAC unit work harder to control the temperature inside the home, consuming more energy.

So, if your electricity bill increases, for no reason, then it is a sign that you check and replace your air filter.

The Air in the Rooms Becomes Stagnant

Odors and other particles stagnate in the same place and settle on the surfaces and carpeting. Chemical spray worsens the situation, with the chemicals getting into the air with the other particles, even changing the walls’ color.

A bad filter can deteriorate the situation further with bacterial growth and mold formation. These are all telltale signs indicating to change the filter.

Amid the pandemic, where the virus is airborne, there is a good chance for the virus particles to wind up on a filter media, such as the air filter. Hire the nearest air filter services, to replace your old dirty filter, thus improving the IAQ inside your house.


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