woman placing bet on roulette table in casino

Everyone has their favourite games and there will probably be some bid disagreements between players over what the best casino games are! It’s all down to personal preference as each casino game is unique and has its positives and negatives and appeal to different personalities and personal strengths. One player might love to play poker because they love playing a game where they can learn a strategy to win, whereas another player might favour 666Casino video slots because they are all about the exceptional graphics and high entertainment value and are not particularly interested in using strategy and skill to win.

With this in mind, here are some of the best casino games that you must play, at least once. So as not to cause any arguments – they aren’t ranked in order!


The perfect game for extroverts, blackjack is loved by millions and played all over the world. Blackjack is also ideal for people who enjoy playing card games and love playing games where they have the ability to make decisions to influence the game.

One of the biggest reasons why you must play blackjack at least once in your lifetime is because this casino game has the lowest house edge out of all the games in the casino.

Video Poker

Video poker games look a little like slot machines, however, they have more advantageous odds of winning than slots, which is one reason players love video poker. If you’re a player who loves using skill to gamble, video poker is an ideal game to play and some of the greatest video poker games offer players a brilliant payback percentage of over 99%.


Craps is one of the best casino games to play and is ideal for anyone to play, regardless of their experience in the casino. Although when played in a casino, craps can look like an intimidating game as there is usually a crowd of players congregated around the craps table and there are a few odd betting names to learn, but if you’re looking for a game which is fast-paced and includes betting out the outcome of the roll of a dice, this game is ideal for you!


If you’re looking for a fun and exhilarating way to relax after a long day, playing slots is the perfect way to do this and no doubt once you’ve played slots once it won’t be the last time you play! Slots are all about lucky, so there’s no need to develop strategies or make any decisions with slot games, making them easy for everyone to play no matter what their experience level.

European Roulette

Roulette is usually the centre of the casino floor and for good reason, it’s very popular with players and always attracts a crowd in some of the biggest casinos. The best tip for success at roulette is to play the European roulette wheel which has a single 0, giving the game the house edge of 2.7% because if you play the American roulette wheel which has an extra 0 pocket the house edge is higher.


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