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Most of us have at least one device in our homes that is considered a “smart” device. Our televisions are smart, our phones are smart, even our thermostats can be considered smart! Technology has transformed our lives in many ways, from how we connect to one another to how we connect to our own homes. But can technology help us connect to our pets? Will the right technology make our dogs smarter?

Smart technology can do both harm and good. Our gadgets can make our lives much more efficient, but they can also lead us to adopt a few unhealthy behaviors. However, we are in control of the technology our dogs get to use, so it is up to us to monitor what they are faced with. When kept under control, technology can make our dogs even smarter than they already are. Who else to ask for advice but dog experts from Good Pup Life, read on for some of the benefits of using technology designed for our dogs.

1. Technology can help calm your dog

Many dogs suffer from anxiety, particularly separation anxiety, when you are not at home for a few hours. One way technology can help you calm down your dog is by using a video camera that allows you to communicate with him when you aren’t there to give him personal comfort. Two-way video cameras allow you to check on your dog and even communicate with him when he is alone and anxious. Your dog will learn that the camera is a way for him to connect with his owner when he has to spend time on his own. Within just a short amount of time, your pup will be smart enough to lay near the video camera to wait for your voice or face.

2. Technology helps the brain stay active

There are now plenty of smart toys on the market that are specifically geared for dogs. From treat puzzles to activity balls to puzzle mats, you’ll find plenty of toys that are designed to keep your dog busy and engaged. Even if your dog is already a smart one, his intelligence can be developed and honed with many of the different smart toys geared to keep him active. By using hide-and-seek toys, IQ balls, snuffle mats, and all the others we mentioned above, you’re helping your dog increase his mental capacity as he plays. The best choice for smart toys should be designed with tough materials that stimulate your dog without making him frustrated.

3. Technology can help train your dog

While we all love our dogs and cherish the time we have with them, most of us hate the excessive barking some of them do. Our neighbors probably don’t like it, either! However, technology is here to save the day by helping your dog learn when his barking isn’t necessary. An anti-bark collar can be used to deter the annoying barking behavior our dogs often display. These collars typically need to be charged for a few hours before they will work. Once they are ready and around your dog’s neck, he will get a small static correction or vibration when he barks. This type of smart technology teaches them when their barking is unnecessary. After a time, your dog may not even need the collar to stop them from barking.

4. Technology can teach your dog to “talk”

You may have already seen the videos floating around of dogs pressing buttons to “speak” to their owners. It’s been a trend ever since scientists discovered the use of pre-programmed speech buttons for dogs. Your dog can be taught to press a button that corresponds to their need or want at the time. These include words such as play, walk, treat, cuddle, potty, water, outside, and more. You simply say the cue word to your dog and press the corresponding button when your dog does the activity. He will then begin to learn which button gets him the result he wants at the time. This type of technology makes your dog smarter while helping you understand what he needs and wants.

Remember, technology for dogs can be a great way to make your dog smarter than he already is. With time and patience, your dog will continually increase his brainpower over the years with the use of technological advances.


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