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For most people in business, golfing is an extension of work since they negotiate deals as they are playing, and the game also has physical and psychological advantages. Businessmen who have made it, consider the golf course to be a metaphor. It symbolizes the various challenges they encounter at the workplace. Therefore, they find inspiration to maintain the right workplace culture, and also find ways to resolve work-related issues.

Here are some of the ways playing golf can get you better at work.

1. Improves Work Ethics

As a golfer, you have to monitor your behavior around the golf course. When you play at higher levels, you might violate some rules, and it could go unnoticed if you don’t report it to the authorities. It’s quite similar when you are working – you might make mistakes that could go unnoticed if you don’t inform your seniors. Golfing teaches you to improve your work ethic, but you will come across tons of confusing information about the game on the internet when learning it. From the necessary instructions to setting the right equipment, a good website will help you with simple and easy to understand solutions to your golf problems. Besides, with a proper understanding of the game, an employee also learns from their mistakes, making him or her more efficient.

2. Gaining a Competitive Edge

Some people play for fun, while most golfers do it to compete, and the desire to beat anyone that they play against. Everyone struggles to play their best while reserving their emotions to ensure that they retain their friends. Similarly, any employee also struggles to maintain a good relationship with fellow employees, but they all strive to compete for promotions. Business owners tend to value workers who can achieve a balance between competition and friendship.

3. A source of Exercise

Some businessmen are confined to their office space; hence they lack time to exercise. They end up being obese or overweight. Golfing requires that a player covers about 5000 yards; therefore, you will find yourself covering at least 6 miles when walking around the golf course. You will be physically fit, and you will have better concentration when working at the office.

4. Helps Relieve Work Stress

In the current competitive economy, stress is an integral part of any businessman’s life. Golfers also experience stressful situations when playing to impress their buddies or when they play a tournament. Either way, stress can hinder performance since one doesn’t perform at their best. Workers at the office will perform poorly and, at times, look for excuses to give the boss, and in the worst case, they might quit their jobs. Stressed golfers often find themselves rushing the downswing and wasting time, they also constrict their muscles, or they might have a tight grip on the club. Through playing golf, one learns how to maintain their peace of mind in both arenas, and they strive to prevent stress from affecting their performance.

5. Helps Deal with Gender Stereotyping

Most women have made significant strides at their workplaces, although men dominate most American industries. Similarly, more men play golf compared to women. In the golfing arena, there have been several established female golfers, but some male golfers view them as unworthy players. As evident, in both work and the golf course, gender-biased people will make sexist comments towards the opposite gender, creating an uncomfortable environment for women. One learns to deal with gender bias at the golf course since fellow golfers will correct you. Once a golfer learns from his mistakes, he will extend the courtesy to the office, and with time, he learns to appreciate women’s input at the office more.

6. Helps Improve Emotional Control

Golfing is all about controlling your emotions. Your partner might beat you in a game, and although it hurts to watch them celebrate, you have to put your negative feelings aside and celebrate with them. Golfing teaches you to stay focused even in situations when you are angry at other players. Such training can be useful in an office setup since you will have to remain calm when fellow employees get a promotion. You have to celebrate with them even though you might be a little disappointed or envious. Golfing teaches you to interact with everyone and control your emotions.

Golfing is an ageless game that has several benefits. Playing golf can help employees or the employer perform better since everyone learns to control their emotions, and one learns to appreciate their competitor’s efforts. You should, therefore, practice more golfing; go out there, take a golf club in your hands and you never know, you might even meet a new business partner while playing.


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