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Have an upcoming masquerade party you’d like to attend? Then you might already be looking for a perfect masquerade mask. But if this is your first time to purchase a masquerade mask, then you might not be so sure how to choose one that would best suit you. If so, let us guide you through your masquerade mask purchasing journey using this ultimate guide we’ve written just for you.

Choose a Masquerade mask that Fits the Theme of the Event You’re Attending

What sort of masked event will you be attending? If it’s a Black Tie Masquerade Party or a Traditional Masked Ball, Traditional Venetian masks work perfectly. Long-nosed theatrical masks for men and pretty, vibrant feather masks for ladies are also a great option. However, if you’re attending a Modern Black Tie Masked Ball, a simple Zorro style eye mask should work perfectly.

Handheld Masks or Masks with Ribbons?

If you don’t intend to spend the entire night with your face completely covered, you might want to consider a mask that you can hold up to your face with a stick. This will allow you to show off your makeup and is perfect for people who require eyeglasses. The downside is that this means you’ll have to carry it with you all night!

On the other hand, masks held on with ribbons will let you have both hands free to do what you need as well as mingle and remain anonymous all evening while not worrying about losing your mask.

Choosing a Color For Your Mask

The color of your mask should go well with your dress or suit. This means that choosing your mask should be done after you already have chosen your outfit for the night or vice versa. You can also go for neutral colors like silver, black, or gold which can go well with any outfit and accessories.

Decide on a Type of Mask

For Men

Decide which type of mask you’d like to wear. The most common three types would be the full face, half face and eye mask.

Full Face Mask

If you’re up to staying anonymous all night long, then a full face mask is the one to go for. It’s perfect for keeping your identity a secret. Of course, this might not go well if you plan to eat and have a few drinks during the event. Sad, but worth it to some.

Half Face Mask

For events where you have to eat and drink, half face masks that are in a classic Venetian shape may be a great option. This type of mask may or may not cover your nose which will allow you to enjoy food and of course, a few drinks.

Eye Mask

This type of mask is what suits most men best. Eye masks are generally easy and lightweight which makes them the preferred option for events involving lots of talking, food and drink.

For Women

Ladies with small or slim faces should go for a petite mask which can come in either a traditional Venetian shape or a softer flexible eye mask. Generally, most standard sized masquerade masks can fit the majority of women. However, in cases where you found a mask that you like but doesn’t fit you, you can always request for it to be customized to better fit you.

Choosing the Right Size

Most people have a fairly good idea about how wide or small their faces are and what fits them best. In choosing the best masquerade mask, it’s the shape of your face that is really going to matter when it comes to finding a mask that is the right size. Since all masks are worn over the eye area, you need to look at the overall width of this area to get the size that would best fit you. Below is a detailed guide to help you decide:

  • Go for a petite mask if you are slim around the eyes and in the cheeks
  • A standard mask is best if you are slim around your eyes but have wide, rounded cheeks
  • Most people fit standard size masks
  • If you have a wide face, then a wider shape or flexible mask is what’s best for you

Mask Materials. What Will Work Best For You?

Paper mache

Masks made of paper mache (either manually or machine pressed paper) are a light-weight type of masks. Most Venetian Half masks are made with this material. This is ideal for people who have wider faces because they are more flexible than other types like resin masks but may have some creaking on the base because of how the paper mache is made.


Commonly used for Venetian masks as it provides a good solid and durable base. The resin is usually thick and is coated with the same plaster used in paper mache masks to enable printing.

Flexible Eye Masks

Usually made from a thin plastic layer with a cotton lining inside and coated with a fabric layer on the outside. This type of mask is lighter and more flexible than Venetian masks and suits most face shapes.


This is commonly used in traditional theatrical masks. The modern leather mask being the popular choice. As the leather warms it molds against the face which makes it suitable for all face shapes. It is also softer and flexible.

Attending a masquerade event can be fun and very exciting, but if you want to be certain to enjoy the entire evening, you need to choose the right mask. Not just something that looks good, but also something that will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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