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Gone are the days when a company would succeed even with minimal effort. With competition on the rise, business owners are forced to put in extra efforts in order to succeed. The use of business signage is one way of improving your business’s marketing strategies and be ahead of the rest. While advertising the products/services a business offers and establishing effective communication channels is vital, the most cost-effective and efficient form of advertisement is the use of business signage. It offers the perfect way to attract potential customers.

Why your business should invest in quality signage

There are so many reasons why a company should invest in custom signs. Below are just a few of the ones I consider vital.

Increased brand exposure

Customers are more likely to enter a shop that is clearly labeled than the one they are not sure what they specialize in. Eye-catching signage makes your business visible to are passing through a busy mall or street. Over time, they may become your regular customers and give you a chance to build a strong brand.

If you want to increase the exposure to your brand, consider using business signage. It makes your business stand out from the crowd – the desire of every business person. Your brand exposure will also increase the chances of repeat business and new customer acquisition.

Full-time advertising

The most impressive part of business signage is that they offer a full-time advertising. They are visible day and night, 7 days a week. This means that your business is being advertised even when you have closed for the day. This reason alone makes business signage a good option to promote your company. Just imagine, your business being advertised every single day throughout the year. It is a worthwhile investment that will work for your business without your input.

It is affordable

Among the advertising option, business signage is the most cost-effective. Although the initial investment could be considerably high, it is worth it. Once your business signage is ready and working, there are no other costs required. It will faithfully advertise your company all year round.

Differentiate your company

Uniquely doing things has always been cool. When it comes to business, unique signage can help you build a truly unique brand. Distinctive signage will make your business stand out from the rest. As long as your business sign is effective and goal-oriented, it has the ability to act as a virtual salesperson all year round.

A custom-made sign for your business will differentiate it from the competitors. In the eyes of your potential customers, your brand will be extraordinary. Hence, they are more likely to choose it. However, for you to achieve this, you need to have a beautiful and effective design. If not, you will end up being disappointed as your design will lose its potential. But don’t worry, a visit to a professional sign shop such as Vinyline Graphics – who specialise in bespoke signs – should be enough to get you a design that is most suitable for your business.


Another reason why quality signage is suitable for your business is the functional role it plays. It directs potential customers to your business and merchandise. Plus, it assists you to inform customers during sales promotions, quick sales, and any other vital information you would wish to share with them. This can help you improve your customers’ experience tremendously.

Different types of business signage

A business name carries a lot of weight in any business. While quality services to your customers are essential, you should never underestimate the power of signage. A high-quality sign indicates superior services. Below are the different types available to help you make a good choice.

Outdoor business signs

Outdoor business signs are the most commonly used. They are the outdoor signs placed in front of the establishment. It can be placed on the roof, side of the building, or at the end of a parking area. Whichever way, it should be placed in the most strategic area to allow passersby to know what your business entails. They are the best option when your goal is to capture the attention of potential customers. They are ideal because they provide a 24/7 advertisement.

Indoor business signs

Indoor business signs are the most-effective customers who have already made up their minds to visit your business. If designed accordingly, they can assist you in achieving your goals, just like the outdoor signs. In most cases, indoor signs are used to draw attention to new arrivals, specific areas within the store, and point out specials for the day. If you intend to use an indoor sign to increase impulse traffic, the most strategic area should be in a window.

Digital electronic signs

Digital electronics can be used for outdoor and indoor. The good thing about them is that they can be programmed and changed depending on the current needs. You can still use them to promote new arrivals, advertise specials and better still, send beautiful messages to your customers.

Plastic lighted signs

Plastic lighted signs are available in several sizes and can be used outdoors and indoors. If you select this sign, make sure you design or get a specialist to create a signage that tells the public about your business. Don’t be shy to add your logo, business name and a slogan.

Combination business signs

While each signage can be effective on its own, combined business signs can bring a more significant impact. You are at liberty to choose two or more types of signs to use in your business. Any combination of business signs should be able to assist your company in achieving its goals every day. Therefore, choose the combination that suits your needs.


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