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Wooden houses are more ecological than houses made of concrete and bricks. Wood is part of nature which makes it environment-friendly. The materials used to make wooden houses are natural, recyclable, biodegradable and non-petroleum. The homes made of wood are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are also preferred because they require less maintenance and are long-lasting.

Building a wooden house far from the city is a dream come true to many people. There is something about a wooden home which symbolizes a quiet and peaceful life to its occupants. If your fantasy is to live in a wooden house, then you have landed on the right page. Someone went an extra mile to gather all the necessary information you may need to know about wooden houses before you dive on it.

The thrill of designing a new house is epic. However, it is vital you know all those pesky details to make informed choices. With the information contained here, you will decide if what you really want is a wooden house. Building and living in a house for the longest time possible and loving it is the best gift you can get in this life full of ups and downs.

Important facts to consider before building a wooden house


It is important to know that the wood required to build your house will depend on the typical weather of your country. As you plan for that magnificent look of an oak kitchen and cedar shingles, remember to find out the type of wood that will be most suitable in your climate.


Just like any other project, you have to have a budget before you commence building your dream wooden house. In most cases, wooden homes are reasonably priced. However, there are those lavish projects which are quite pricey.

There are various factors which determine the price of a wooden house. First of all, you have put the cost of the timber frame. Some of the factors to govern you include design, cost of labour in your area, location and species of the wood. Timber frame costs are mostly affected by the design and your choice of finishes. Other factors include the size of the house, condition of the site, your location building regulations and additional living areas such as garages and decks.


Wood is an extraordinary material which requires total care and attention. You will need to conduct checks once in a while. If you don’t, how will you know if there is a need for exterior painting or sealing of some gaps? You must account for regular protection and staining as well. There is also the possibility of swelling and shrinking of the wood itself, which will also need your attention. If you are comfortable with that, then go ahead and build your gorgeous wooden home. If you keep your house in perfect condition, then you will surely enjoy living a wooden house.

Benefits of building a wooden house

Energy efficient

Wood is very effective when it comes to isolating heat and cold. That’s because it is a natural insulator. When compared with brick, concrete or stone houses, the wood house is the best in saving a significant amount of energy. Besides, wood is a relatively good noise absorber. While it may not be termed as a perfect sound insulator, by absorbing the sound waves, it does a good job of preventing echoes from bouncing around the house. Wood is a good thermal insulator as well. That’s why wood is majorly used in concert halls to naturally dampen the sound and create a cool tone within the room. Thus, a wooden home is peaceful, warm and relaxing.

Environmentally friendly

The wood itself is an amazing strong building material provided by nature. Wooden homes are very friendly to the environment. They are made from natural and organic timbers grown in a clean environment. Timber production is also free from fossil fuels. When built, these structures absorb and store the atmospheric CO2. In case you didn’t know, wood is the only carbon-neutral construction material available so far.

Most countries around the world have regulations to ensure a tree is planted every time one is cut. This is vital as it ensures the continued growth of more trees on the planet. Since mature trees are not very good at absorbing carbon, it won’t harm to cut them down and plant much younger trees which munch carbon in a better way.

Quick to construct

Compared to houses built from materials such as concrete or stone, building a wooden house is relatively faster. Even the most complex models will not go more than two months in most cases. It would also impress you to know that the construction of a wooden house is not hindered by harsh weather conditions such as snow, icy conditions or even heavy rains.

The plans for a wooden house is also easier to follow. During the construction and after the building process is pretty easer to make modifications. Generally, the way they are planned and constructed significantly reduce the building cost and this automatically saves money.


Modern wooden houses are made from durable materials. The quality of the wood used in those houses makes them strong enough to serve many generations to come. Moreover, when dealing with a wooden home, you will not have issues with rust. Wood does not rust. Although there are times it may oxidase, you cannot compare that to other building materials like metal. Indeed, some metals don’t rust but they are damn expensive. The truth is, wood is just wonderful and the nature of wooden homes creates a cosy feeling to its occupants.


Most woods soak in moisture and water and this causes them to swell. However, there are other highly water resistant woods available. For instance, a study conducted on four different varieties of wood, that is, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Sitka Spruce showed that some woods tend to absorb moisture while others don’t.


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