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Owning a functional and beautiful kitchen is an investment worth it. You surely know that the kitchen is the heart of every home. After all, we eat to live, and food is made in the kitchen. After a long day at work, you need to prepare tasty meals for you and your loved ones. Therefore, working in a kitchen with helpful features is something that can help you make healthier meals within a short time.

The kitchen is the most critical space in your home during a family gathering, a party, or any other event in your home. Cooking becomes an enjoyable activity if the kitchen is well designed. However, knowing how to remodel, decorate, and select the best kitchen design can be an uphill task. But don’t worry; this article is meant to help you make the best decisions.

Qualities of an ideal kitchen design

A. Storage space

A good kitchen design should have enough storage space. You need proper space to store your expensive utensils and everything else you use in the kitchen. Well-organized cabinets and kitchen drawers are a must-have. Cabinets that are so high may look fancy, but they limit maximization. Hence, when selecting a good design, look for functionality and accessibility instead of beauty alone.

B. Ample space

Food preparation and cooking involves a ton of activities. There are times you will need help, depending on the quantity of the meals you are preparing. To avoid overcrowding, a functional kitchen space should accommodate at least three people to work and move freely.

C. Quality lighting

You need enough light to work safely and efficiently in the kitchen. If you are not able to see clearly, you can hurt yourself with the knife or other gadgets. Besides that, you can also end up feeding your loved ones with not a very healthy meal. To avoid this, ensure your kitchen contains 3 types of lighting. The first one should be the basic lighting to illuminate the entire space. The second form of illumination is task lighting. It enables you to see what you are working on when preparing your meals. It usually is placed in the kitchen pantry or under counters. The last one is the accent lighting. It helps in highlighting the kitchen design and elegant features.

D. Workspace

A good kitchen design should have designated spaces to chop vegetables, meat, mixing sauces, and spices. The ideal space should be where you cook them up or near the cooker. Thus, save time and energy when cooking your food. Your kitchen should also contain a multi-purpose countertop for different uses, such as placing already cooked meals before serving.

E. Materials

When it comes to kitchen structures, wood is the mainly used material, although it depreciates with time. While it is ideal to use wooden materials around your kitchen area, it would be better to use tiles for areas constantly in contact with water or dampness. This will enhance durability and neatness around your chopping counters and other areas.

F. Easy to clean areas

If your kitchen design allows crumb or water to accumulate easily, it will end up to be the messiest space in your home. Hence, it is better to select models that are accessible and easy to clean. That is the only way you can maintain a tidy kitchen.

Best kitchen decorating ideas

Now that you know the qualities of a good functional kitchen, it is now time to transform your kitchen units into a modern kitchen. Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank to do this. Here are easy and quick decorating tips you can incorporate to have a beautiful kitchen within your budget.

Kitchen walls

If there is a noticeable change you can make in your kitchen unit, it should be the walls. Humans will tend to see things in their eye level first before anything else. If your kitchen walls are boring or outdated, it is high time you repaint them for a fresh new look. You can also use patterned, textured, or vibrantly-colored wallpaper. Finish up by hanging a great piece of art on one of the walls.

Open shelving

The latest trend in kitchen design is the use of open shelving instead of the usual cabinets. With the visual space created by the open shelves, your kitchen space appears colorful and bright. For a perfect look, make sure you hide all the mismatched glasses and the Tupperware. If you don’t want to tear out your upper cabinets, then you can just update your kitchen wall décor. Do so by placing a floating shelve on an open wall. The impressive feature of floating shelves is that they come in different styles and are also easy to install as well. Visit Kitchen Warehouse, and you will surely get your preferred products. Alternatively, you can remove the doors of your kitchen cabinets and paint or wallpaper the back of the cabinet. That way, you will have an excellent open display self to keep your kitchen items.

Refresh the kitchen

Another way to create an inviting kitchen, your entire family will love, is by refreshing the most forgotten kitchen space; the sink. The cheapest way would be to use sandpaper and a can of spray paint designed for metal to paint the sink. If you do not want to paint, the other option would be to upgrade the faucet. Make sure you choose a design that marries with your personality and stylish enough to make a statement.

Change hardware

Did you know that your kitchen cabinet handles and drawers may seem insignificant but make a huge impact on the appearance of your kitchen? If you replace those knobs and pulls in your kitchen with new ones, your kitchen will definitely appear beautiful. Remember to add a sense of style and personality for a more fabulous look.


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