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Powerful brands may rule some marketplaces, but generics are also noticed and bought as well everyday by consumers. Deciding between the two doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you decide to use branded or generic products for your company, organization, or cause depends on your mission. The positive and negative aspects of each can be magnified or minimized, based on what your goals are. Consider this interesting list of the strongest pros and cons of both branded and generic products of all kinds.

Start Over With Less Hassle With Generics

Non-branded products give you the opportunity to change your product’s appearance and specifications whenever you like. When there are changes or improvements to be made, generics offer an advantage. You can revamp an old product without everyone knowing if you use generic products first, and then brand them later once the product or formula is right.

Gain Brand Popularity

One of the most important reasons to use branded merchandise is to build your brand over time. Increasing brand popularity and expanding your business’s reach often requires it. By using, sharing, wearing and distributing branded products, you let the entire world know that you are proud of your company or organization. Community leaders who use branding can get more people to pay attention to a cause, and remember it long term. Forbes suggests that promotional products, and the consumer’s ability to recall the company can be up to 85% when branded products are offered.

Test a Product with Generics

Generic products offer a benefit during evaluation periods that is hard for branded products to provide. If a consumer is given a branded product that works poorly, he or she may associate the entire company or organization with subpar products and services. Being stuck with tons of costly merchandise with a horrible design on it can be a nightmare. There is nothing like ordering dozens of cases of a product, only to discover that you are unsatisfied with the way it looks later. To cut manufacturing and inventory costs, constructing a set of generic models first and testing them on both loyal consumers and ideal prospects is key.

Be Branded In a Crowd

Going on out of town trips or participating in promotional activities can offer a compelling case for using branded materials. When you have uniquely branded t-shirts on employees, it sets them and the company or organization apart. Using BrandMe Conference Bags can help you, your employees and consumers find each other in the middle of a rush, or in a trade show crowd. Spotting your brand’s logo and design among the multitudes makes it easier to find anyone who is affiliated with you. On the other hand, interested consumers are also able to locate you in a crowd as well.

Tap into Savings With Generics

Many companies or organization don’t mind using generics to get the job done. When a company is cash strapped, generic items can provide savings. As promotional or normal sales items, they may be less to manufacture. Some companies may use generics for a long time to cut costs before switching to branded materials.

Infer Higher Quality Through Branding

One large con of generic items is that many people equate generic materials with being cheap. Branded products are often believed to be more expensive, and the business may be viewed as more trustworthy to the public. Taking the step to show the world that you care about all of the finer marketing details exhibits quality and states that your company or organization is a step above average.

Use Generics While Developing the Brand

You must develop your brand first to make your efforts a success. Generics are a better choice for those who are unready to brand. If you are still making major adjustments to your company or organization, using generic products and promotional items at first may be good. Although consumers recognize a great brand and remember it if given a chance, but generics allow you to get the merchandise out there without having all of your marketing choices ready. If you are not able to fully define your brand in a visual way, avoid rushing the process. Some CEOs may change their logo, brand colors, and even the name of the company in the early stages.

Allow Others to Show Branded Support and Loyalty

Small Business Chronicle suggests that many people will buy branded materials to show support and loyalty. Great companies can effortlessly develop a wider fan base with a resonating brand. Loyal customers are often happy to accept or wear the branded materials of businesses and organizations that they love and adore. A good logo and a snappy slogan can help customers associate your brand with whatever you chose, and it may motivate them to make a purchase. Attractive packaging that interests consumers and displays the product in the best light maximizes the effects.

At the end of the day, there is not much difference between branded products and generic ones, but it is the perceived value of each that affects what consumers believe. Some may prefer branded products, but others are content with getting a generic product, just as long as it works or serves a good purpose. However, both companies and organizations who want to start building influence and want to get consumers to remember them may brand everything to represent the company everywhere. With so many billboards and bombarding advertisements out there, having a great brand goes a long way.


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