You may have heard of booster seats but do not know what their purpose is. They are seats that help kids to remain safe when in the car. The car seats are used when a kid outgrows their infant or toddler car seat capsule. A booster seat can lift kids up a bit allowing seat belts to lie across their strong bones of the chest plus pelvis rather than that of the belly as well as neck.

How to select a booster seat

It is better to choose a booster seat that comes with a label. The label should tell whether it meets or exceeds the strict safety regulations in place for car seats in Australia. Avoid getting a second hand booster seat, but if you do need to get one like this, then be careful. Never get one that is over 6 years old or one which was involved in some kind of impact situation as it can be unsafe if the inside of the seat shell has been compromised. Stay away from those that do not have some parts or do not have labels stating the manufacturing date as well as the model number. The instruction manual must be present as well. Find out what the manufacturer’s recommended expiration date is. Get the one that is the right size and fits comfortably in the vehicle.

Different types available

You can get booster seats in different styles that include:

  • Belt-positioning boosters that raise kids to the height where they will be able to safely employ the car’s lap along with shoulder belts. You can get them in high-back and backless models. High-back boosters are suggested when your car has low seat backs. The backless ones may be employed when a child’s head can be supported right to the top of their ears with the help of the cars’ back seat or head support.
  • Combination seats are the high-back ones that have a five-point harness. These may be employed with harnesses like forward-facing safety seats or also like belt-positioning boosters seats having the harnesses removed. The five-point harness must be utilised for children who weigh 20kg and more.

How to install the booster seat

Some people find this activity tiring, so it is better to take time out and read the owner car manual along with the booster seat product manual properly, this way you will get to know of any special instructions that need to be followed. With the owner’s manual, you will find out the ways to use the car seat belts with some safety seats. Know when it is time to stop using the booster seat when your child is old enough to use the lap sash and shoulder seat belts properly. Your child should be able to sit comfortably and also easily in the car. Do not hurry to get rid of this seat and only do so when your child is ready. Invest in the best booster seat that your kid will want to sit in so everyone is happy with the investment. Check out the different ones available like Mother’s Choice – Booster Seat for instance.


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