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Long gone is the assumption that God does not care about fashion. The truth is that God is particular about how we dress and there are biblical verses that support this. Thankfully, some Christian brands have taken it up to create some amazing and classy apparel that will make you stand out for your faith. Are you a Christian? Continue reading the article to discover amazing fashion concepts that might fit you.

Are you looking for ways to share your faith and God’s love with others without infringing on their personal space? Christian apparel comes in handy for this mission. So, what are the black owned Christian apparel brand options that have taken over Christian fashion? This Post highlights them and you should check them out!

God Is Dope

When you see someone spotting a God Is Dope t-shirt or hoodie, you have got to take a second look. This apparel collection comes classy and the inscription, God Is Dope, is apt and this statement could not have been truer, considering the way you feel when you wear this brand.

This brand is based in Atlanta and it is a popular Christian lifestyle brand positioned to provide clothing that brings the awareness of God to life through fashion. One of the unique things about this brand is its strong position in matters concerning the Black community. God Is Dope honors the Black culture and its ‘Black Lives Matter collection, among others, is a testament to this.

Beacon Thread

This is another faith-based apparel line created and owned by a couple, Anita and Brandon DeLoach. The couple formerly worked full-time with the federal government and operates a kid’s clothing line as a side business.

They design and operate this fashion brand flawlessly. They have a wide range of apparel collections, including trendy hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatshirts, among others. The shirts come with powerful inscriptions, such as Trust Got + Chill, Walk By Faith, and Child of God, among others.

Ven & Roses

Ven & Roses is another popular black-owned faith-based fashion brand that is created and owned by Vashti. This clothing line is on a mission to inspire and encourage women on the uncertainties in the journey of life. All materials offered by this brand are top quality and are powerfully inspirational and faith-based.

You will find amazing and cute designs with strong phrases that will strengthen your faith in God. The messages you will find on the apparel from this brand include ‘Jesus Fixed It’, About That Faith Life’, and more.

Girl + God

Girl + God is a girly faith-based fashion brand owned by Krystal Lee. The brand also offers a supportive community for women to help women to live purposefully through inspirations, resources, and of course, fashion. You will find nice and cool fashion apparel that talks about love and faith in God.

Clothing collections offered by this brand are mainly for women. It is worthy of note that the brand also has a platform that helps Christian women entrepreneurs. The program is designed to help these women take complete control of their life, purpose, and money.

Jesus Be Knowin’

This is another lifestyle clothing brand that features Jesus at the core of its message. If you are looking for brightly colored, fashionable hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories that will make you stand out, you will find the perfect collections from this brand. The brand is owned by Sommar Theodore.


These are the top five black-owned Christian fashion brands that you need to check out. If you are interested in wearing your faith proudly, you should check out any of these brands online.


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