preparations for moving house

When shifting from one place to the other, no matter if it is moving to another locality or state or country, movers are required. Movers make your work easy and all your items are shifted smoothly. Moving every item of the house cannot be done single-handedly. However, there have been instances when people have been cheated by their movers. Though, in fact, there is a tendency to be duped by them because not a single individual is honest. However, you can save money even after hiring movers. All you need is strategic planning and not get carried away by their sugar-coated promises regarding their services.

There are a number of cheap moving companies to choose from. You can seek their assistance and can get your work done. Apart from this, there are other methods to save money when hiring movers.

Not to hire movers but friends

Needless to mention that friends and peers are the ones who come to our aid first and that too without any selfish motive. You can hire professional movers as well if you think you don’t have to hasten with your materials or you are not short on time. Professional movers, honestly, would be expensive. Their charges would be high for work which you could have done with the help of two of your friends.

Time is money

You need to save your time and money because in today’s world both are synonymous to each other. If you hire movers, they will charge you at the rate of every hour. You can pack the materials in the boxes. Arrange the boxes on your own. Pack them with some help from someone and label them properly. Movers will, then, only be there to shift your materials and hence the charge won’t be much.

Choose the size of the truck

The task of bringing a truck should not be on the movers, entirely. You are at the liberty to choose the size of the truck your materials will be shifted by. Make a careful choice about the size of the truck i.e. the size that is required for your materials. Large trucks will be expensive. There is no point in spending so much even on the unused space.

Be a sell-out

The less you carry things the more money is saved. It is advisable to sell things out at a fair price. Sell out furniture which are of no use anymore and things which have worn out.

Compare the movers

Before finalizing a particular mover to hire, you should always compare between many movers and filter out the one which provides the best services at the lower rates. You need to plan early so that you have enough time to sit and ransack the movers. There are over hundreds of movers assuring the best service but to reiterate the point again, not all of them are good.

You can also seek advice from someone who had any experience with movers. If you are planning to hire them online, then you can also go through the ratings and comments people have dropped regarding the services they provide. Finally, choose a mover whose services can fit your budget.

Look for combo deals

There are movers which can provide combo deals. The combo deals mean you will be getting storage and packing at extremely low rates. This can help you save money and get your work done in time and in the right manner.

Avoid preparations in the eleventh hour

Last minute preparation can cause bewilderment and panic. It will mess things up. You would not be able to decide properly and end up choosing the wrong mover with high rates.

You will have to rush through things, hasten everything up within a short period of time. As the adage goes “good things take time”. Plan strategically in order to avoid such problematic conditions caused by the preparations taken in the last minute. This is one of the problems which make you lose money. Planning is important.

Get boxes for free

This is one of the benefits of planning ahead of time. You can also get free boxes as there are many retailers who throw boxes out and those thrown out boxes could be collected by you. There is really no point in paying for boxes as well as the boxes which would be provided by the movers would nothing be different.

Remember to receive a bill from the moving company which you have hired. Before everything is done, don’t forget to receive the record of the money spent. This can resist frauds from taking place.


If planned in a strategic manner, then you can save your money while moving from one place to the other if the above-mentioned tips are followed properly.


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