An awning is more often than not seen as an investment. It is true that a good quality awning can set you back between $500 and $3,000. But, with a little care, it can last you for years so you can enjoy the look and the shade. During that time it will keep the sun off you, help you stay warm and dry on a winter evening, and help to create the right ambience when entertaining.

In short, every Australian home needs one. But to ensure it lasts as long as possible you need to purchase a high-quality awning from a specialist such as Sydney awnings, and you need to know how to take care of it.

Brush Often

There is no reason why you can’t brush your awning daily, it takes a few moments and removes the majority of the contaminants that may cause an issue.

You’ll need a soft-bristled brush and simply move it along the entire fabric to cover it all. The difference is often noticeable.

Wash Regularly

All awnings are exposed to sunlight, the rays can be damaging to the fabric. Alongside this, there are an array of contaminants in the air that can damage the awning. In most cases, this is simply due to the weight of these contaminants sitting on the material and potentially staining or discolouring it.

Bird droppings can have the same effect. To combat this you’ll want to wash the awning regularly. You can do this with regular soap and warm water. You may prefer to use a soft-bristled brush instead of a cloth. It will make it easier to reach the entire awning.

It may even be better to wash the awning from an upstairs window, it depends on the awning’s position.

You should wash your awning earlier in the day and leave it fully open. This will ensure it dries properly and you don’t have damp patches in the rolls. Damp in the rolls encourages mould growth which can be a real issue to clean.

Colour Fade

The sun is very good at fading all sorts of materials and your awning is no different. It sits in full sunshine for most of the day. You can prevent sun fade by treating the material with a standard colour fade spray, you’ll find them in your local hardware store.

Simply follow the instructions and reapply as and when indicated. It will help your awning to stay looking vibrant.

Check the mechanism

There is little point in keeping the material looking fantastic if you don’t check the mechanism regularly. The manufacturer should have supplied instructions regarding whether you need to oil manual winches and any other items that need to be maintained. Read the instruction guide and follow it to ensure your mechanism is capable of supporting your stunning looking awning.


If you decide to take the awning down for storage then it is essential that you undertake all the above steps and let the material dry fully before you store it. This will keep it safe for the winter and allow you to enjoy it again next year.


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