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The Lone Star State is not just known for its hot temperature, live music, and famous barbecue, but it’s also sought after because of its tech universities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech careers have a higher average annual compensation and an equally higher job outlook rate than other professions. According to Rapidessay, this means that those who choose to be in this industry can expect a lucrative professional life ahead of them.

The good news is various institutions offer bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, or boot camp certificates to individuals willing to study and train in various tech-related courses. These institutions also forged partnerships will multimillion tech companies to offer on-the-job training to their students. Apart from that, these companies also often end up absorbing the trainee and offer them full-time employment. So, if you’re excited to jumpstart your tech career, consider these best tech colleges in Texas.

The University of Texas at Austin

If you want to study Computer and Information Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, this is the best school. Finishing a degree here could land you such entry-level jobs as Junior Network Engineer, Junior Systems Administrator, Information Security Analyst, Junior Penetration Tester, or IT Technician. These jobs could yield an average annual compensation of $73,557 to $87,626.

With experience and certifications, you can climb the organizational ladder and assume posts like Security Architect or Information Security Analyst. These positions could give you over $100,000 in annual salary.

Apart from the extensive scope of their tech courses, the school is also exemplary in offering assistance to its students. They offer career consultations and coaching wherein they help graduates complete their resumes and portfolio. They also help them answer possible interview questions.

Rice University

This private institution was built in 1912, and since then, it has continued to be one of the best colleges, even on a national level. As of last year, they have a total fall enrollment of 4,076 students. Enrollees are expected to pay school fees amounting to $52,895. The university is located near the city’s museum district. Because of this, the university has a vibrant and thriving student life.

Food and recreation are not an issue for students because they can access Willy’s Pub, Valhalla Pub, and the Rice Coffeehouse even within the campus. These are student-run establishments that satisfy one’s food and drink cravings. Students are also assigned residential colleges where one remains a member even after moving or living off-campus.

With these residential colleges, students can access dining, academic, housing, and social events. Here, you can choose to major in tech-related courses like Biochemistry, Cognitive Science, Computer and Information Sciences, Economics, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Key takeaway

Starting a tech career takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and sacrifices. However, if you enroll in the best colleges, you know that all your efforts will be put to good use and will yield positive results. So, consider these colleges the next time you search for the best tech colleges around Texas. Who knows, you might be the next Steve Jobs.


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