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The UK is no stranger to self storage facilities, especially with affordable housing options becoming smaller. Instead of frequently decluttering random knick-knacks every month, you can move space hoggers like unused furniture, old appliances, and sentimental items. While you can try to make the most out of your existing storage options like your attic or basement, the reality is that it won’t make much of a difference.

While there are self-storage facilities across the country, you can find the best ones in the place that needs them the most, like London. Space is always in high demand, and the city often cannot accommodate everyone. Storage facilities can be a small moment of reprieve for those who need extra space. If you live in South London, here are 6 towns that have the best self storage facilities:


Croydon is a large town in the second most populated borough in London with an estimate of 391,296 people. Despite being a part of Outer London, that doesn’t stop Croydon from having one of the largest shopping districts and night-time economies next to Central London.

Since there are plenty of residents and businesses in the area, you can find excellent self storage in Croydon that can act as an extension of your home or business. One of the main benefits of a self storage facility in Croydon is that your fee covers security as well.

As much as you would like to keep an eye on your home or business at all times and protect your belongings, it can be challenging to muster up the energy to keep that in mind. With a storage facility, security is a given. You can rest assured that your items are in good hands.


Brixton is a district that is considered one of the major centres in the London plan. For its 78,536 residents, Brixton is a vibrant yet laid back place filled with multicultural neighbourhoods. Some of the notable shopping hotspots in town are the Electric Avenue Brixton Market and Brixton Village Market. Besides High Street, you can find plenty of small independent businesses near venues like Pop Brixton.

For the many shops in the area, small business owners use self storage units to make sure their inventory and materials don’t overtake your home. You can also keep your company archives, stock, and tools in your storage facility. You can store just about anything in your unit barring, of course, health and safety hazards.


Bromley is a large town that was historically known as a market town. Over the years the label may have changed, but at the heart of it, Bromley’s local economy revolves around being a commercial centre. It has an estimated population of 87,889 people.

While property prices in Bromley are more affordable than those you can find in Central London, it is still significantly higher than the national average. Instead of finding a more spacious home or commercial space, self storage allows residents to keep living expenses down.

Additionally, Bromley ranks pretty high for theft-related crimes. Instead of relying on the old lock and key, a facility offers additional measures like CCTVs, security guards, and intruder alarms that you probably will not get with most affordable rentals.


Streatham is a residential area in Greater London known for its active sports scene. Compared to other towns on the list, Streatham only has a population of 58,055, but they have excellent storage facilities. Some of the notable sights in Streatham are the Streatham Vale Park, Streatham Green, Streatham Common, and Ice and Leisure Centre. All of these places encourage play and sports.

Streatham’s self storage facilities can hold baby items, old clothes, seasonal sports equipment and other miscellaneous items you don’t need every day. Since the area is primarily residential, self storage facilities have excellent deals for family storage. When you have guests coming over, you don’t have to cram all the clutter in one room. Instead, you can send the mess to your unit and instantly clean your home.


Clapham is a very posh residential area in Lambeth. Restaurants featuring different cuisines, casual bistros, old pubs, and vibrant clubs line Clapham’s High Street. If you want to support independent businesses, you also visit the Venn Street Market for local products. Notable sights in Clapham are the Clapham Junction, Clapham Clock Tower, Clapham Common, and the Clapham Picturehouse.

Given the local clientele, storage facilities in the area are very strict when it comes to security to ensure that the units are well-protected. With 90% of UK households being unable to part with sentimental items, it is best to find a self storage facility that can keep them safe and secure.

Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames is a town in the south-west part of London that has a population of 43,013 people. Popular destinations for visitors are the Kingston Bridge, Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park, and the River Thames.

Historically, Kingston Upon Thames was a part of Surrey. So when you have a self storage facility in Kingston, you can easily access them from both areas depending on where you live. The best self storage is not just the one that has the most square-footage per pound, but the ones that are near you.

The universal qualities of a good storage unit are that they are spacious, affordable, clean, secure, and close to where you live. If you live in South London, you definitely have to check out these towns to see the storage facilities available.


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