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Europe is a continent famed for fantastic city breaks and gorgeous beaches, but there are also plenty of places where you can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. Europe is home to some of the most stunning destinations for nature-lovers in the world, with rolling hills, beautiful waterfalls and enchanting forests to explore. Here are just a few of the best places in Europe to enjoy unspoiled, beautiful nature.

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country located along the Dalmatian coast and is famous for being one of the best European destinations to visit on a budget. Durmitor National Park is one of the best places in the country to visit if you want to enjoy nature, and the best part is that Montenegro is so small, that no matter where you are the park is always easy to reach. Be sure to walk around the Black Lake and take in the amazing scenery.

The Black Forest, Germany

Be sure to add the Black Forest to your itinerary if you want to travel Europe with a premium-class tour operator: Germany’s Black Forest will make you feel like you have just stepped into a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, with dense, green forests, vineyards, and thermal spas. It’s easy to see why it often ranks as one of the best European destinations for anybody who wants to get lost in nature.

The Isle of Skye, Scotland

The UK might be known for busy, bustling cities like London but head right up north to the highlands of Scotland and you’ve got a whole different story. The entire country of Scotland is fantastic for those who love nature, and as the northernmost island in the Scottish Highlands, Skye feels like you have stepped back in time to an era where nature was more predominant. It’s quite remote, so it can be difficult to get to without booking a tour from Glasgow or Edinburgh unless you plan to drive yourself.

Svalbard, Norway

The entire of Scandinavia is a must for nature-lovers, but this remote, glacial archipelago is one of the most stunning areas of Europe during the summer, where it stays light for a very long time, and in the winter where it becomes one of the prime places to see the Northern lights. It is one of the most northern inhabited areas in the world located between Norway and the North Pole. If you’re visiting Scandinavia, you can book your trip by rail with Rail.Ninja™.

Umbrian Countryside, Italy

Everybody has heard of the stunning Tuscan Countryside in Italy with its world-class vineyards and rolling hills, but have you heard of Umbria, the neighboring region? It is very similar to Tuscany but much better for traveling on a budget, with inexpensive hotels and hostels and fewer crosses of tourists. Umbria is also located closer to Rome, so easier to get to if you have limited time to explore.

When it comes to enjoying nature, Europe has so much to offer. These are just some of the best areas to enjoy untouched natural scenes on the continent.


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