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Dating is something that really brings two people together, an important step towards getting into the commitment of having a serious relationship. That’s why people who are in love or just feel sympathetic to each other give value to it as well as are very excited about it. Dating is great because it is nice to pursue someone while also having time to yourself. Different cafes and movies together with walks around the city are an unchanging attribute of any date from the oldest times. Such a program is nice, but it isn’t original anymore. If you want to surprise Russian single girls, you should reflect on some additional options which help you make your date really perfect. Of course, everything depends on your own preferences, and only you can decide what will be suitable for your couple. Anyway, there are 5 worthy events for dating.

1. Go horse riding

One of the most impressive places for a romantic date is a city or a country horse club. Every girl dreams of Prince Charming with a white horse. So, this is a great opportunity to implement her dream in practice. Arrange a horse ride walk for a special person, and it will surely be remembered for life. These incredibly clever and good-natured animals will melt the girl’s heart and give both of you the most positive emotions. To strengthen the warm memories of such an unusual date, you can present a symbolic accessory to your chosen one.

2. Art-date

An unusual place for a date with a special meaning will be a creative workshop. It can turn out to be an art studio, a pottery shop, a photo studio or a dance class. Anything, where you can figure out something of your own and put a piece of the soul into a common masterpiece. Nowadays, all kinds of master classes are very popular. For example, you can paint a picture together or exchange your creations. Your girl will appreciate such an unusual and active date.

3. Picnic on the beach

The best place for a summer date is a picturesque beach. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the sandy coast of an exotic island or the quiet shore of a small river, it’s up to you. Nonetheless, a cozy picnic near the water is always a wonderful idea. You can make her a surprise and cook an incredible dessert or share the cooking process with a partner. It’s fascinating to talk all day or evening, read poetry, sing with a guitar and launch a sky lantern. A picnic on the beach will undoubtedly conquer your date. The ideal end of such a date will be a gentle accessory or a small gift, presented to her in the setting sun.

4. Open air cinema

A date at the cinema has already become a standard thing, people like to watch movies together. There is some special magic there. However, it’s worth making a usual date more romantic. Try a slightly different format for watching your favorite movies. Invite the girl to the open-air cinema. It can be an organized open space with benches or simply blankets on the grass. If there is no such “cinema” in your city, then you can arrange it on your own. Tasty snacks, night stars and a touching story on the screen is a magical moment that she certainly will not be able to forget.

5. Bicycling

Conquering unexplored trails as well as overcoming distances, discovering new places and laying routes is an adventure that, without a doubt, will bring a lot of vivid impressions. It’s easier and more fun to do that with bicycles. What can be more interesting and romantic than to ride a bicycle into headwinds, make original photos and enjoy stunning views of nature? You can show your date a beautiful place and make her a nice gift, which will forever remember the memories of this amazing meeting. The most important thing that every man should be aware of is that there is nothing more expensive for a girl than sincere feelings. Just express them more often in all the possible ways because her smile is priceless.


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