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Before we delve into the details of which are the highest paying commission in affiliate marketing programs it is worth noting what kind of affiliate programs are available for you and which program suits your social media profiles.

There are various kind of affiliate programs available when it comes to the highest pain and best commission affiliate programs including VPN, website related affiliate programs, recurring affiliate programs, travel based affiliate programs, credit card and finance related affiliate, fitness related programs, fashion gaming music and Crypto related affiliate marketing programs.

1. Best Affiliate Program

>WhatsWorth is one of the most helpful marketing programs for someone who is new to the business. While there are tons of affiliate marketing programs available in the market, WhatsWorth is the only one that helps influencers to gain more.

No matter if you have just started your affiliate marketing journey this is the best program as you don’t need to have any particular amount to transfer your own commission into your bank account. Yes, there is absolutely no track hold in order to transfer your money, which is great for a newbie.

If you’re someone who wants to start your own YouTube and trust me this program will allow you to get free products. You don’t even have to pay for the delivery charges or any import duty when it comes to getting free products after your application has been approved on this website.

2. Website Based Affiliate Programs

If you want to have a website based affiliate marketing program then trust me Wix is one of the greatest and very popular affiliate programs at this moment. This is one of the easiest website builder available in the market and there are over hundred million users on its website which is great for advertising.

If you want to start with Wix’s affiliate program then you will get paid $100 for each sale. This is not the only website to buy if you want to earn 200 percent commission based on page tools online then their websites such as Shopify.

In fact, there are many helpful tools available in affiliate marketing program which will allow you to promote the program easily with your audience and give you more ideas regarding the promotion with that are easy for you.

3. Fashion Related Affiliate Programs

If you believe that work with fashion then there are so many fashion related affiliate marketing programs available for influencers who have quit recommendations when it comes to 20 clothing and outfits.

There are programs such as Eddie Bauer that provide you with 5% of commission from every sale, which has been made to your account. You don’t always have to promote clothing with its products as there are so many different websites available that also provide you with watches, shoes and everything related to fashion.

More websites such as H&M, JNCO Jeans, Lane Bryant, ModCloth, MVMT Watches, Newchic, Nordstrom, Stitch Fix, True Religion, and Warby Parker that allows to earn up to 20% of commission.

4. Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming is one of the biggest niches available in this market as they are billions of people playing gaming around the world. If you consider yourself a game of them easily upload videos on YouTube twitch and so I want money with affiliate marketing programs available just for gamers.

Wall YouTube reach you have a large number of following, on which you can simply have about 50 followers and 500 units of Broadcast which will allow you to get a good amount of coverage on the platform.

They are some of the best affiliate programs available such as Astro Gaming, Fanatical, G2Deal, Gamefly, and Twitch. If you let someone subscribe on twitch then you will get 50% of the subscription while on each game you will receive 5%. Other mentioned gaming affiliate marketing programs allow influencers to earn between 5% to 20% depending on the nation and the products.

5. Crypto and Bitcoin Based Affiliate Programs

I would highly recommend to understand what exactly Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is before you into any affiliate marketing program related to adding it is important to learn about the subject promoted to your audience as there might be many cross questions.

Basically these programs are very similar to any other referral program that you might have come across. You will be making a percentage out of the trading money that other users are making in the entire year.

Most importantly this is based on a blockchain technology which is not going to anytime soon social media. There are various programs available such as Binance, Coinbase, Ledger Wallet, Trezor Wallet and so on. You can easily make 20% on every sale that has been made.


No matter what you do if you are a housewife or maybe someone who doesn’t 9 to 5 job in office programs are best for each one of you but it also requires you to have a particular niche before you start an affiliate marketing program.

Many people ignore the value of having a particular category of the website or the social media handles and people will value your content only have enough trust on you on a particular topic. One day you are saying related to fashion and next to you start talking about cryptocurrencies and people might not really buy stuff from your links and they are not sure about your expertise on a particular topic.

It is very important to keep feeding your audience with new content on almost daily basis which will keep the engagement of your social media handles and eventually you will be able to share more affiliate marketing links on your social media or on your blog as well. Make sure whatever you do you are always consistent.


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