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Shoppok is a free and community-based classifieds website that is gaining more popularity over the years. It has a simple and easy-to-use website. And it’s a practical way of getting sellers and buyers to do businesses.

The sellers get free access to the market (i.e., the community). And the buyers get access to a wide range of goods, items, services, and resources. It’s essentially a win-win situation for anyone who can use it correctly. Of course, it has its downsides too. Since the whole service is free, you will see questionable posts and misleading ads too. But this is a part of any classifieds service, especially one that runs online. However, there are many more benefits to be had here than most other services.

Categories on Shoppok

One of the best ways to use this website is to browse through the right categories. Shoppok has some of the most interesting categories and sub-groups for organizing its posts. While some seem extremely useful, others may even seem unusual. Today, we want to share/reveal some of the best categories where you can shop and get good deals on this website.

Remember, these are not the only categories for shopping. You can essentially buy almost anything from the classifieds, so the whole website is basically a shopping store. But these are some examples of the quality and content they have across their categories.

Best Categories for Shopping

Clothes and Accessories

If we’re talking about shopping, we can’t really ignore this category to start with. It’s where you’ll find all the clothes that are on sale on the website. You can find high-end brands, cheap knock-offs, used clothing, or brand new accessories. You can find anything that has anything to do with clothing on this sub-group. It comes under the For Sale group and is pretty visible on the home page.

Arts and Crafts

If you’re a fan of the arts, this is the category you’ll enjoy the most. It has some of the best artworks and craft items made by the community. The products include both professional work and amateur items. So, you know you have a wide spectrum of quality to choose from. Whether you want a gift for an artsy friend or want to spruce up your room with a painting, this is the place to be.


This category is a treasure trove of information, entertainment, and education. There’s probably no single store that has more books than this online space. Sellers may be individuals selling used books or businesses with new releases. Either way, there’s a lot to gain from if you’re a book lover. Many students also frequent this group looks for study materials and course books. It can be a great idea to get used-books here than spend a fortune for a single semester.


For gadget geeks, the Electronics category has everything you could possibly want. From plasma screens and iPads to projectors and wireless speakers, there’s one of everything here. You can also get accessories like screen protectors, USB cables, Battery Cells, wall mounts, etc. If you like old school tech, you can also find stuff like old Nintendo units, fax machines, early printers, etc.

Garage Sale

The Garage Sale category is a great sub to visit if you’re short on cash and need interesting items. These are mostly used goods that owners want to part with for various reasons. And like any other rummage sale, you can get your hands on quality stuff but at really low prices. The best thing about this group/category is that you find a little bit of every other group here. On a busy day, you can see electronics, crafts, tools, toys, games, books, clothing, etc. And the good items usually get sold very quickly. So, it may be a good idea to check out the group whenever you visit the website.

Cars and Trucks

Buying a new car isn’t exactly a typical shopping trip. But we think it qualifies for this list because of the sheer choices and deals you get here. The cars and trucks all range from brand new or used. So, if you’re looking to swap out your old car for a better model, this is a great place to start. Also, even if you don’t finally buy it from here, it can be a great place to negotiate and learn more about the model you want. There are a lot of crucial resources and information that come with the ads.


This group is easily one of the most unique and interesting subs on this website. The main reason is that you never know what you’re going to find. People have inclinations to collect all sorts of merchandise and items. And when you’re at a place where all of them come to sell, it’s quite a show. One week you may see an antique slots machine, and in another, you may see a priceless toy in mint condition.


The ‘Free’ category is a have-to-see group, and we advise you to do it regularly. It’s essentially a group where people post stuff that they’re giving away freely. Some people explain why they’re giving stuff away; others don’t. But it’s a great place to get old tools, decorative items, used furniture, household items, etc. If you know friends or family who may be facing hard times and can use a free item, this is the place to go.


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