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On average, we would comfortably state that a common woman spends 20-40 minutes on their hair every day. She is either washing it, styling or drying it. It is also true that a lot of money is spent on hair products that promise to do away with frizz, thinning or shiny hairs. While some deliver the promises, others are known to deteriorate the condition of the hair as they pump in hazardous chemicals into the strands.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the most commonly used products on women’s hair. Although it is widely used as a salad dressing, or a household cleanser, this product has proved to be beneficial to the scalp and hair. Here are a plethora of benefits from apple cider vinegar.

1. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

Cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, one that has antimicrobial properties to kill bacteria and fungi that cause dandruff and hair loss. Once you take a rinse in ACV, you will give an excellent pH to your scalp that will provide a hostile environment for the growth of fungi and bacteria. Many of the women who have been enjoying a weekly rinse in ACV have reported a decrease in dandruff or production of flakes on the skin.

2. Detangle

Apple cider vinegar is an approved detangler; hence its use in place of hair conditioners. The natural acidity of this bottle is known to smooth out even the toughest of cuticles thus simply untying the knots or tangles. The smoothness makes it easy for the comb to pass through; hence you will lose less hair.

3. Adds shine to hair

The shine of any woman’s hair is determined by the lying position of the cuticles. When the skin lies low, it leads to a more shine, and the reverse is also true. Apple cider vinegar is known to make cuticles lie down, thus giving room for exposure of strand’s proponents (increased shine). In the end, you will have a glossy appearance.

4. Stimulate Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Loss

For your hair to grow, blood must circulate on your scalp to stimulate the hair follicles to grow your hair. This will, in turn, cause your hair to grow into more inches and prevent hair loss due to the strong base. In addition to this, circulation of blood stimulates transportation of essential nutrients from the bloodstream to hair follicles, thus making your hair stronger and thicker as it grows. Visit Hairguard for more information on hair loss.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Enhance Curls

More than half of the women in the US have curly hair and they end up spending money on chemicals or heating tools that straighten their hair. Not that curly hair is terrible; it is only because women find the waves to be more uneven and unruly. These problems can be natural or as a result of chemicals found in most of the products that you purchase on the counters.

Apple cider vinegar will, therefore, stimulate your hair strands to take in more moisture, thus produce less frizzy curls. Vinegar conditions your hair thus produces curls that more uniform in nature.

6. Cleansing and removal of buildup

Once you use chemical products in the form of hair sprays, gels, serums, or masks, there are many probabilities that you end up leaving them on your hair. They make a collection on your scalp, which leads to buildup chemicals causing your hair to look dull, flat, or appear greasy. Once this happens, you start experiencing unending dandruff on your head.

The purpose of apple cider vinegar is to break down this residue thus making it easier to wash off in warm water. As a woman, you need to remember that a buildup is hard to ignore since we always use hair products daily. However, you have to get rid of this by having a cider wash at least once per month.


Apple cider vinegar has proved to be one of the commonly used products by women across the globe. While some may use it for medicinal purposes, others have found solace in it for better enhancement of their hair and scalp. Some of the problems that are already disturbing your hair like dullness, grease, or stunted growth will eventually come to an end. Say goodbye to all your hair problems by grabbing a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

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