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Regular physical activity is absolutely necessary for you to stay healthy and feel great. Cycling can be a perfect option to stay in shape if you are not a big fan of outdoor jogging or gym sessions. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine, because it can become a part of your commute.

Of course, even if they want to get out and bike more, a lot of people have their prejudices about switching to bikes. Some of them include not wanting to bike to work because of the imminent sweaty and red-faced arrival. Others don’t think a bicycle is able to handle all their groceries and shopping, or kids. And finally, a lot of people get spooked by long distances they need to cover in order to get anything done.

If these excuses sound a bit like you, then this article is for you: consider an e-bike! We took some time to explore the benefits of riding an e-bike – and it turns out that there are a great many more than we were expecting to find. Read on and see if an e-bike is the next big thing you’ve been waiting for, and about the benefits of biking in general.

Availability an easy access

E-bikes are a regular sight in most cities now – you might not even know you’re seeing one if you don’t look carefully. Did you know that e-bikes made up to 20% of two-wheeled traffic in major cities in China in 2007? Could this happen here? Multiple brick and mortar bike stores and online stores specializing in eBikes have a wide selection of specialized city bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes and even cargo and folding bikes. You have a choice of picking a perfect bike, no matter your lifestyle or intended use.

Moreover, cities are getting wiser to e-bike users, and installing charging stations.Many cities already offer ebike rentals with their very own charging stations, but we still need to catch up with ones that are available to the public. In fact, many cities in Europe are ahead of the game, installing e-bike charging stations along popular routes.

Most e-bike commuters in the US charge their bikes at their home or office. You can also do it anywhere you feel comfortable charging a phone – like a coffee shop or a restaurant.

Longer trips

Some studies show that owners of eBikes spend even more time cycling during the month than people with regular bikes. It can be explained with the fact that an electric bike with pedal assist allows traveling long-distance.

The good thing about having an e-bike is that you can give your legs a break while riding. Also, you can use the electric motor assist to get to your destination point even faster. Needless to say, it is very convenient if you like traveling a long distance, or over difficult terrain.

People who have suffered injuries can also benefit from riding electric bikes. They can continue working out without straining as much as they would on a traditional bike. E-bikes are even easier on the joints than conventional bicycles.

The battery is easy to control – if you want to put it into low usage mode, it’s entirely possible to adjust when the pedal-assist kicks in. And don’t worry – if you happen to run out of battery power on your e-bike, it won’t just fall over and refuse to go any further. You can use it like a normal bicycle.

Cardiovascular workout

Cardiologists agree that fast cycling is one of the most effective cardio exercises. According to experts, riding an electric bike can help you improve your cardiovascular system because it promotes less strenuous, but longer exercise. A lot of people tend to jump into cardio head-first, but it’s better to do some research and workout smarter, not harder.

Get into the habit of cycling – and make it a part of your routine, because studies have shown the connection between regular cycling and longer life expectancy. This is true for any sport that you can get into on a regular basis – but because biking can become a mode of transportation, you don’t have to “fit it into” your already busy schedule.

For those of us who haul things, there are also a number of “working bikes” available – designed especially for heavy duty cargo purposes. There are mobile bike cafes and farmer market sellers who have successfully switched to cargo bikes. Not to mention couriers and delivery services! These working bikes not only save money on gas and are obviously more environmentally friendly, but they contribute to physical health. And because you get the benefit of pedal-assistance, you don’t have to do all that hard work and hauling all by yourself.

Better mental health

Sometimes, life gets a little crazy. You cannot always control every single situation, but you can learn how to deal with stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion.

Exercise reduces stress and helps you overcome life’s problems – this is also a scientifically proven fact. How does commuting to work help with this? Did you know that a bike ride in the morning can replace all that coffee you drink to wake up properly? And e-bikes are well known to help you arrive at the office without breaking a sweat, but with your heart rate up enough to feel refreshed, awake and healthy – ready to start the day!

After a stressful day, there is nothing better than getting back on that bike seat and getting the stress out with exercise and fresh air. If you’re feeling down after a long day, a bike ride will get your energy up and help you accomplish things after you get out of work. Too often we’re too tired for anything other than dinner and some Netflix browsing.

Safe cycling for everyone

We’ve talked about commuting to work, and now let’s talk about commuting to school. We think that sometimes, adults forget that kids have similar problems. Don’t want to arrive for your 9 AM meeting sweaty and sticky? They don’t want to arrive at an 8 AM math class red and covered with sweat either.

Did you know that children have a much tougher schedule than you do? We’re not trying to sound dramatic, but often, they start earlier and are expected to pay attention immediately, starting at 8 in the morning. If you work in an office, think about how much time you need to “get started” on Monday morning? A cup of coffee and a chat with a colleague perhaps? Let’s make kids’ lives easier, especially if they’re in the early bike to school crowd.

Because e-bikes can help them arrive at school without looking like they just ran a marathon, it will make their mornings much more enjoyable, and they’ll be easier to motivate to take up their school commute in the morning.

Riding an e-bike can also make the aging process easier. Studies say that biking helps seniors who experience problems with strength training. It helps with a number of ailments, and balancing skills as well, not to mention that exercise like biking wards off Alzheimer’s and dementia. Because e-bikes are great at upping that hard to find motivation, they are a perfect solution at any age – from the 4th grade to retirement age.

The bottom line

It’s time to try something new and exciting, like an electric bike. It will not only help you travel a long distance, but it will also help you stay healthy and improve your heart health and perhaps even make it easier to switch your morning commute.


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