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Do you drink alcohol? Did you know that 86.3% of people do? That’s most people – not including President Trump who is a teetotaler – and yet we’re continuously told that it’s bad for us and to cut down.

Alcohol is indeed bad for our health in large quantities and especially if we become addicted but, as with everything in life, in moderation, it’s not only ok it could even be good for us.

Here’s all about the healthiest alcohol and why drink alcohol.

1. Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Drinking alcohol can improve your cardiovascular health – the health of your heart. It can get your blood pumping and can protect against heart disease if you drink moderate amounts of alcohol.

Of course, you can’t just drink alcohol on its own and expect it to improve the health of your heart. You have to balance drinking with regular workouts such as going to the gym, walking or cycling.

You must also ensure that your diet is healthy, avoiding too many fatty or spicy foods that can cause a great amount of damage to your arteries leading to an increased risk of heart problems such as heart disease.

2. Improves Social Life

Drinking in moderation can improve your social life. It is an activity to be enjoyed on a night out and a chance for you to let your hair down. Everyone needs a lad’s night out or a girls’ evening at some point.

When you are a little bit looser you might find yourself making new friends or connecting with old friends on a level you haven’t before. It can help you enjoy going out to a club more than if you were sober, though of course, it’s still possible to go on a night out and have fun.

Alcohol is also something to share with friends. There are drinking games you can play and everyone has their own favorite drink, it’s as much as a hobby and an interest in moderation as it is a social lubricant. The drink itself can be the stimulant for the conversation in much the same way as people bond over their passion for tea in a tea-house or motor racing by attending the Grand Prix together.

If you are thinking about what to drink on a night out then you can’t go wrong with this Johnnie Walker scotch collection.

3. De-Stresses You

Alcohol can make you lose your inhibitions and help you to relax so long as you are not drinking alone but are with friends if you drink only every now and again.

We all live busy and stressful lives thanks to our jobs and the globalized world. Going out to a bar and having your favorite drink can make you feel better. De-stressing can also serve to improve your capacity for work the following day. Having a healthy work-life balance can make it easier to concentrate on work and to feel as if your work is not the most important part of your life.

Alcohol on its own might not be enough to destress you, it’s also the things you tend to do with it such as taking a bath or feeling as if you are in a relaxing mode and not a working mode.

4. Improves Your Sex Life

There are reports that alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction but these are overblown and this only occurs when you drink heavily. Instead, the benefits outweigh the positives if used correctly.

Alcohol can boost your confidence and can help you have sex with people you might otherwise feel afraid to talk to. If you are more relaxed and having a good time it can also mean you seem more fun to other potential partners. Perhaps you are laughing or socializing with other friends. You come across as more attractive.

You are also less bothered about the normal social boundaries that inhibit us when we are sober. Perhaps you are usually reserved or nervous of rejection.

Of course, doing this every day it can become a problem as you don’t develop the skills to have a conversation with someone without alcohol but alcohol is the perfect cure to your problems every now and then.

If you feel more confident it will also make your sex life a lot better as you will feel more attractive when it comes to having sex. You partner will enjoy this as you push the boundaries of your sex life.

The Healthiest Alcohol Attitude? Drink in Moderation

What’s the best or healthiest alcohol attitude to have? The truth is the best attitude is to drink in moderation rather than to not drink at all. By not drinking at all you can miss out on the incredible health benefits of alcohol and there are many.

It can reduce heart disease and create a sense of excitement in your life. It improves your sex life as it makes you more confident and able to chat to partners of the opposite sex. It makes you able to feel as if you are able to get things out of your life you want to if you use it in the correct fashion.

It can also destress you as it relaxes your muscles. Furthermore, there is a tendency is to drink alcohol along with friends at bars you liked. This relaxed and social atmosphere can also lead to you being more relaxed. The social benefits of alcohol in moderation far outweigh many of the perceived health risks associated with excessive drinking.

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