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Each sport has its language and terms. For example outside the world of sports, we all know the meaning of the word “love” but when you say “love” in certain sports including tennis, it depicts a totally different meaning. Since you are starting tennis as a beginner, you must know some terms beforehand. So today we look at some of the terms that might be helpful to you as you are planning to go out on the tennis court for the first time.

Learning a new game is fun and so does learning tennis and its terms. Here we go:


First thing first. The most important thing in tennis is definitely your racket. Without which you can do nothing on a tennis court.


The second most important thing, tennis balls. Just imagine what you can do without balls on a tennis court?

Tennis racket dampener

A tennis racket dampener is a small rubber-type piece that is inserted on to your racket to minimize the sound that comes from it while hitting.

Tennis grip

The grip is stuck on the base of the handle so that you don’t lose your racket while hitting shots. The next question is, how to put on a tennis grip? You’ll learn it yourself with time, don’t worry.


There is a lot to learn about tennis court dimensions. Playing area. A big 78’ x 36’ playing arena in which you play tennis with the net in the middle.


In the middle of the court, there is a net placed which is 3’ in height from the center and 3.5’ high from the sides.


The far end side from the net is the baseline where a player normally stands and plays.


The first shot with which the game starts. Players are allowed to toss the ball high up in the air and smash it as hard as they can but it must land in the service box diagonally. If the first serve lands outside the service box or is hit to the net, the player has a second serve to start the game.


The shot that is played with the dominant hand.


The shot that is played with the non-dominant hand.


When the ball lands inside the playing area.


When the ball lands outside the playing area.


What does love mean in tennis? It means 0.


When a player wins the first point of the game


When a player wins two points of the game


When a player wins three points of the game


The score of 40-all is termed as deuce. A player has to win two points consecutively to win the game.


When a player wins four points or two consecutive points after deuce, he wins a game.


When a player wins six games, he wins a set. However, if the score is 5 games-all, then first to seven games in the winner of the set.


A tennis match is normally played with the best of three sets. When a player wins two sets, he wins the match.


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