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We all love and appreciate the highly trafficked tourist attractions, but the ones that are truly great are the hidden, secret places where you can’t really see flocks of tourists from all around the world.

And, one place that has a lot of hidden gems is definitely Europe. But finding those locations isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to mark them beforehand and plan your trip thoroughly. While we haven’t chosen all locations in a single country, we picked different locations in different countries.

That way you can visit at least one of those little-known places in at least one of the countries on the list. But enough rambling, let’s get started.

Sail around the Croatian coast and enjoy picturesque views like no other

Yup, not technically a GPS location you can type in Google Maps, but It’s definitely one of the more beautiful things you can do while in Croatia.

Rent a boat in Croatia with yacht club “12knots” and just enjoy a nice, calm cruise while looking at the beautiful coastlines.

While its a bit hard to pick between that and a nice walk around Dubrovnik walls, we deffinitely go with the cruise. And it’s simply because you get that many more opportunities – diving, fishing, swimming, you name it, you can do it.

Roam around the Austrian Alps and find the most beautiful of places in the world

There aren’t a lot of places in the world that can rival the beauty of the Austrian Alps. Maybe it’s the beautiful winding roads or the tiny villages nestled in the base of the mountain. But there’s one thing that’s sure – there aren’t many places that are as beautiful as this one.

And if we have to choose one location that’s truly the best of all is the Salzkammergut region. You can go either via car or by train.

The Azores in Portugal is among the best hidden places in all of Europe

Being apart of UNESCO’s protected biosphere, the Azores in Portugal is a hidden gem. Just 800 miles of mainland Portugal, volcanic islands form one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.

And the Azores has it all! Everything from crater lakes, to beautiful scenery – it’s the perfect place to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of Europe.

Perast in Montenegro is a must-go location when you’re traveling in Europe

One of the best things about Perast is the fact that it’s a beautiful place, which has a premium feel but doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

The fact that it’s quietly nestled in Montenegro. And something that sets him apart is the amount of Venetian architecture that will help you immerse yourself in the history of the country.

While there are very few hidden gems left in Europe, we believe those we listed about are one of the best on the old continent. From the Adriatic sea to visit a small, volcanic island in the middle of the ocean they’re bound to remain “hidden” for at least a couple more years.


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