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When it comes to brainstorming bedroom decor ideas for your space, choosing beach-themed bedroom decor can be a calming, relaxing choice. The trademarks of beachy bedroom decor include using softer, pastel colors, lighter woods, and thatched or straw furniture.

From finding a high quality mattress for cooling sleep to being deliberate about your choices with the bedroom decor, there are plenty of ways to infuse the feeling of calm you get from being by the beach into your space.

Keeping Your Bed Cool For Deep Sleep

If you really want your bedroom to evoke the feelings of the ocean, the best mattress for your space should have a focus on temperature regulation. Cooling mattresses can bring back the breezy and cool feel that you associate with the beach back into your bedroom.

The best mattresses for temperature regulation should be able to keep cool in smaller rooms, regardless of the size and height of your bed frame. Cooling mattresses are also a great option for naturally stuffy sleepers, so if you find yourself tossing and turning in bed because you’re hot, they’re well worth the investment.

Memory foam mattresses are often ranked highly for those seeking versatile beds that are both comforting and supportive. If you’re planning on sharing your bed with a partner, memory foam mattresses are also the best mattresses for sleeping undisturbed through the night.

Another way to introduce a cooling element to your bed is by investing in the right kind of bedding. Cooling bed sheets can help keep the temperature down even as you toss and turn at night. Make sure to stay away from bed sheets that are made of polyester or any wool-blends, since these are naturally warmer and can be a cause of night sweats.

Using Decor Themes That Evoke The Ocean

If you’re convinced you already have the best mattress for your ocean-themed bedroom, it’s time to move on to decor. Finding the right bedroom decor for a beach themed bedroom doesn’t have to be obvious – in fact, being inspired by the beach can make for an equally great bedroom.

One example of this is color choice when decorating your bedroom. While blue, white, and beige might seem like obvious choices when picking out bedroom decor, other colors such as coral and light pink can also evoke the feeling of being near a beach. Let yourself be guided by what you’re naturally drawn to, and you’ll find it a lot easier to populate your bedroom with bedroom decor you feel good about investing in.

Use Seashells As Decorative Accents

A creative way to get the calming and zen feeling of being on the beach back into your bedroom is by simply bringing the beach to you. While it’s probably best to leave sand by the shore, scavenging for seashells on your favorite beach can actually be a really creative way to bring tokens of a place you love and integrate it as bedroom decor.

If you aren’t sure how you might want to use shells when decorating your bedroom, a quick search online can bring you plenty of ideas for creative, affordable, and simple craft projects you might be able to utilize as pieces of art for your own bedroom.

Your bedroom should be a getaway from the outside world and is the one space in your home that can be personalized to your exact preferences. From finding the best mattress you can for your own comfort to choosing a bedroom decor you really resonate with, ensuring that your bedroom looks and feels great is key to getting a good night’s sleep and better wellbeing.


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