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Tiles are an integral part of your interiors, and a lot of time goes into selecting the perfect style for any room – based on the surrounding décor, as well as the usage pattern.

Choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom gets even more complicated as bathroom floors are prone to fading and slippage because of water. Besides, your bathroom is like your personal sanctuary. You want the overall aesthetics to match your style, which includes everything from your choice of tiles to the storage spaces and other accessories.

Planning to Remodel Your Bathroom?

In 2020, bathroom tile flooring must be not only durable and water-resistant but also trendy. Yet, with plenty of options to choose from in the market, picking the right tiles can be quite overwhelming for most shoppers. If you find yourself bewildered, here’s a handy guide with the top 5 tile trends of 2020:

1. Subway Tiles

Reminiscent of subway stations of the nineties, subway tiles are a simple yet timeless addition to your bathroom. The brick-like tiles come in a variety of shapes and hues to suit almost every bathroom décor and ensure a chic look that’ll be in vogue for years to come.

Subway tiles are wildly popular because of their shape and size, which make these tiles ideal for moist spaces. Plus, they are easy to clean, as the thin grout lines used with these tiles leave little space for dirt and grime.

Subway tiles are also known to reflect more light than other types of tiles and considered the best tiles for bathroom walls due to their reflective nature that imparts brightness to the décor.

2. Matte Tiles

Matte finishes are going to stay for long. The style that rose to prominence in 2019 has followed us into 2020, and we are not surprised. The soft look of matte finish tiles adds a natural allure to your interiors without being too overwhelming.

For bathroom floor tiling, matte-finished tiles are ideal because they don’t show watermarks and smudges as easily as glossy tiles. If you are remodeling a busy bathroom, choose matte tiles with a low sheen for a classy look. But make sure to have ample natural and artificial lighting, as matte tiles don’t reflect light, and your bathroom would look dull without adequate lighting.

3. Woodgrain Tiles

Are you a fan of texture and tone on your floors? Woodgrain bathroom floor tiles not only look highly realistic but are also durable, stain-resistant, and low-maintenance. You can choose from a wide range of finishes, which means you can match your bathroom floor to the rest of your flooring for an expansive look.

4. Marble Stones

For what it’s worth, natural stones like marble have been synonymous with wealth and power since ancient times. When used as bathroom flooring, marble tiles lend an opulent and exquisite charm to the interior décor. Because natural stone is so unique and expensive, many real estate experts believe that marble flooring also increases the value of the house.

The most significant advantage of marble tiles is their timeless appeal and extreme versatility. If maintenance is a cause for concern, don’t worry. Most natural stone floorings are coated with chemical sealants that reduce porosity and increase their life.

5. Honed Tiles

Honed tiles are quite hot for bathroom flooring in 2020 – thanks to their natural appeal and low maintenance. A combination of two styles in one, honed tiles refer mostly to marble or granite tiles that are ‘honed’ to give a matte finish. Besides being extremely trendy, a honed finish is scratch resistant and less slippery when wet, making it an excellent option for high-traffic areas, like bathroom and living room floors.

What’s Your Style?

When you are remodeling an important room in your house, more than the trends, it is vital to follow your heart and create a unique space that is a reflection of your style.

Whatever be your style or choice, at Mosaic Tile Outlet, you will find the most diverse variety of natural and ceramic tiles for bathroom floors to fit any design you have in mind. Browse our collection to pick your favorite tile or get in touch to know more.


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