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Cleaning is the least favorite thing people have to do. However, everybody loves a shiny and snowy white bathroom – it is welcoming and tempting you to have a relaxing evening with bubbles.

Thinking about cleaning makes you bored? We can prove you wrong! With our recommendations and bathroom cleaning DIY, you will make your bathroom gorgeous in no time without any special effort.

How to Clean Light Fixtures?

There are a few simple steps to make your bathroom lighting fixtures bright again.

  1. First of all, turn off the lights and wait until the bulbs cool down – nobody wants to get burns, right?
  2. Go with your cloth along the top to gather webs and dust. Make sure you don’t pour too much water – it does not go with electricity very well.
  3. Gently clean the bulb holders.
  4. Don’t rush. Turn on your favorite band, just be sure not to dance along – stay still on the ladder.
  5. Use the appropriate kind of tools and chemicals. The detergent should be glass-safe.
  6. Some vacuum cleaning may help to fasten the process, but do not count on it only, check up if all the surfaces are spotless afterward.

Here are some things you have to remember when it comes to chandelier cleaning. It is better to start with removing the bulbs and gently wiping them with a soft cloth. Then you can take off crystal decorations and clean them.

Put them aside next to each other; the long ones may get tangled, so try to be cautious. After that, you can wipe the base and attach every element again where it belongs. Be careful – your chandelier may not float in water – it is dangerous.

How to Clean Light Bulbs?

Here are some tips for the best result:

  • Never wash the bulbs in the dishwasher. It will spoil the material.
  • Duct tape is your friend in fighting with dirty spots.
  • Usually, wiping bulbs with a soft dry cloth is enough, but sometimes dirt may tempt you to scrub harder. Please don’t do that; otherwise, you will shatter your bulb instead of cleaning it.
  • Mild soap water will help you to make the light brighter again. Just make sure you won’t leave soap or water spots.
  • Don’t forget about the shades. Clean them gently and choose the chemical according to the shades’ material. The classy with damp soap cloth will never let you down with simple stains.

Removing Rust from Bathroom Lightning

Once you have a beautiful and unusual light installation NYC, naturally, you would like to keep it clean. To clean off the rust from chrome or other surfaces may not seem to be easy, but with the decent chemicals nothing is impossible. After rubbing off rust, all you have to do is to apply some special wax or polish to prevent material to rust again.

There are four ways to clean off the rust from chrome: with aluminum foil, with a mild acid, with oil, and with chrome polish. Let’s consider some advantages and disadvantages of each method. Choose one of these methods and enjoy your bright led bathroom lighting.

Aluminum Foil

Clean chrome from debris, rust, and dirt. Put aluminum foil into salty water and rob it against rust. Due to the chemical reactions, rust will go off quickly. Nevertheless, areas with thick rust will need more rubbing and effort. This way is quite good as it is cheap and effective. Besides, aluminum won’t leave scratches on most metals.

Mild acid

Cola, lime juice, or vinegar – pick up whatever you have and don’t be afraid to spoil the lowest bathroom lightning surface. Phosphoric acid is an excellent ally in your battle against rust in lightning cleaning. But keep in mind that when too concentrated, it may be dangerous for some materials. Try low-concentrated liquids at first.

Let rusty spots to soak in liquids for about fifteen minutes, then smoothly wipe the rust off.


Here we are gonna talk about WD40, CLR, or CRC oils. They are not the cheapest options compared to the two methods we have discussed above, but they are, by all means, less expensive than polish or wax from the shop.

Cover the rusted area entirely with oil. It is crucial not to scratch the material accidentally. Take a soft wire brush and scrub gently.

Chrome polish

There are simple instructions for applying on every bottle of chrome polish you find in a shop. Just follow them. This method is rather expensive, so you should better use it only if nothing else has worked.

In Conclusion

What are your little secrets to keep your bath clean and tidy? How to cheer yourself up and make cleaning routine fun and less exhausting? Share your experience in the comment section below to make the lives of other people easier!


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