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The digitalization of education is not so widespread, and many students have to carry heave textbooks to college every day. That’s why when choosing the bag, they have to choose the bag that can bear the heavyweight and serve for a long time. Unfortunately, not all of them look stylish. A good bag doesn’t always cost a lot, but if you want to buy a branded one, you may save up some money or find a part-time job. Top writing service reviews report that many students who are busy with work, trust their assignments to professionals and succeed in everything.

Those who faced the choice of bag for college may consider one of the following options.


This type of bag is the most widespread and popular for a good reason. If you wear a backpack, the weight and load on your back are split evenly, and it lowers down the risk of back problems. Moreover, all backpacks are big enough, so you can easily carry your notebook and several books. Don’t think that backpacks look old-fashioned. The number of models that are sold now is huge. You may choose the leather or textile backpack for your daily look and be stylish.

Tote Bag

At first sight, it looks like the popular shopper bag, but the tote bag has various shapes, sizes and looks more elegant. You may think that it’s more widespread among girls, but a lot of designers create stylish men’s tote bags. This bag is really multi-purpose: a large amount of free space lets you carry everything you want: textbooks, a bottle of water, a laptop, and everything you need in college.

Sling Bag

It’s an ideal option for the days when you have no lectures and don’t need to carry lots of textbooks. Take your major essentials, smartphone, wallet, and don’t burden yourself with the unnecessary stuff. If you need to turn the assignment to your teacher, do it in an electronic format. For example, when you order the custom essay from Essay Pro, you get the electronic doc and may send it directly to your teacher.

Messenger Bag

This one is another all-purpose option that is widespread both among students and office workers. The classic messenger bag has two straps: long and short one, so the person can choose what way of wearing it is convenient. The advantage of this bag is a large number of small pockets inside to store all necessary small stuff. Textbooks and notebooks can be stored in the major large part of the bag.

Hobo Bag

This type of bag is rather shapeless because it’s made without the carcass that can hold the form. That’s its advantage. Hobo bag has a long strap and is designed to be worn on the shoulder. If you see it, you’ll understand why this bag is recommended for students. Choose it if you need to carry a large number of things every day.

It’s better to have several bags for different purposes: a large one for the days when you need to carry lots of paper and a small one to use in lecture-free days. Moreover, you’d better choose leather bags because they’re more practical and stain-resistant.


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