ayana lako dia

What kind of vacation can one enjoy without the water experience? Probably none. There are a lot of fun water activities you can get to participate in. It can be a day-cruising, swimming, fishing or just lounging at the beach.

This explains why most 5 star Ayana hotels are built near water bodies. They appreciate how much water experience enriches one’s holiday. The icing on the cake is the Ayana lako di’a cruise experience. It gives you the ultimate komodo island cruise. It offers you a 5-star hotel experience but on water. You can enjoy a sumptuous meal, catch a glimpse of the komodo wonders and enjoy the cool breeze, all onboard.

Does this sound interesting? Stick around. Let’s dig even deeper into the wonders of this cruise.

Venue for parties

Do you want to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary or engagement? Are you on a business trip or just a vacation with friends? Whatever it is, give your friends/partner/ business partners a lifetime experience aboard this cruise. Do you have water-crazy friends? Ayana Lako di’a has you covered. It is spacious to accommodate 18 guests. Moreover, they can even get to sleep on the water. It has got nine luxurious bedrooms that will give your guests a 5-star experience on the water.

Magnificent views

If you are the type obsessed with beautiful views, then komodo has quite a number. You can visit fascinating komodo islands that house pink sand beach and Komodo National park. In the evening, you can enjoy a sunset cruise to the floating island or explore diving sites. Komodo diving sites are famous for whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and pygmy seahorse. Besides, you can catch a glimpse of beautiful coral reefs, turtles, clown frogfish and other sea life.

Also, if you are a scuba diving fan, you can have it arranged for private charter trips.

Sumptuous meals

Get a hotel experience on the boat with a fresh breeze washing your face for as long as you want. The boat has got a state-of-the-art dining area with a professional chef. In case of allergies or a special dietary request, you can request before you board. So you don’t starve while onboard or from the busy water activities. The liveaboard ensures you receive full board sumptuous meals and drinks. When it gets cold, you receive a cup of tea or coffee.

Long or short night cruises

If you are the kind that gets bored quickly, then you might want to book a short cruise. This boat offers long and short trips. They range from 2 to 5 onboard cruise nights. The longer your journey, the more fun events you get to enjoy. Also, long or short nights depend on your budget. Longer cruise nights will cost you more than shot ones.

Helps you write your love story

Many love stories have been written aboard Ayana Lako di’a. Imagine sipping a glass of wine under the stars on the water. What of cruising on the floating island as a couple? Others have snorkeled, scuba dived and trekked Komodo National park as a couple. These are memories that live on forever. Other couples have sealed their love story by having a destination wedding aboard this boat. Whichever way you choose to write your love story, Ayana Lako di’a will help you.

Sleep like a king on water

When you get tired after a long day, you want to retire to a comfortable bed. This boat has got various bed options for you. They range between twin luxury suites to twin master suites. If you are a group, don’t worry, the boat has got beds for 18 people. So no squeezing on small beds or improvising with couches, etc. Moreover, the beds have clean white linen and are insect-free. Be assured of a sound sleep aboard Ayana Lako di’a.

Final remark

Make lasting memories with your friends, family and partners aboard Ayana Lako di’a. Whether it’s the fun underwater activities or Komodo island hopping, be sure to enjoy each event. Besides, the boat provides comfortable beddings, sumptuous meals and a venue for any occasion. Depending on your budget and time, you can book for a shorter night cruise or a longer one. They range from 2 to 5 nights.


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