wedding venue preparations

Wedding planning can be pretty stressful as there is so much you want to fit into your big day.

This is why a lot of couples opt to go with wedding event planning specialists, as they can cover a wide range of needs to ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams.

If you are considering hiring a professional wedding evening planning service to make your dreams come true for your big day, then I couldn’t recommend Heritage Venues enough!

About Heritage Venues

Heritage Venues is an award-winning team of wedding event planners and culinary wedding catering services that can help make all of your dreams come true for your big day.

Hosting a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people, so we understand how important it is to get everything right. From the wedding venue to the décor and the wedding catering, there is so much to consider which can be quite stressful for new couples.

Instead of getting yourself worked up and ruining the joy of the moment, hiring professional wedding planners can save you a lot of time while ensuring you have the wedding of your dreams.

Heritage Venues has years of experience as wedding event planners, and they have seen hundreds of happy couples create the wedding of their dreams. They offer exclusive venues and wedding catering experiences to make sure your wedding is one that no one will forget – for all of the right reasons!

Why Hire Wedding Event Planners?

For professional wedding event planners like those at Heritage Venues, your big day isn’t just another job; instead, it is a passion and something they will put their hearts and souls into getting right.

Your wedding should be a beautiful day that you will be able to look back on forever with fond memories. However, a lot of couples ruin this special moment by stressing themselves out, trying to plan everything themselves.

Heritage Venues can offer exclusive wedding venues that are certain to make your guests feel right at home by tending to their every need.

They also offer exclusive wedding catering with Head Chef Krimo Merr and his team, so you can create a mouth-watering menu that will be a delight to all.

This professional team of wedding event planning experts is friendly and approachable, as they will do everything to make sure all of your needs are met. They understand how important your wedding is to you, which is why they will tend to everything with passion and precision.

If you want to have the wedding of your dreams, then don’t do it alone.

Choose From Exclusive Venues

Hiring professional wedding event planners comes with a lot of perks. As well as taking the stress away from you and your partner, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your wedding with joy, they can also provide an exclusive experience.

Instead of having your wedding in the same location as all of your friends, this professional wedding event planning team gives you access to two exclusive wedding venues.

Heritage Venues offer bespoke weddings in two stunning locations, allowing couples to choose from a traditional wedding in one of Lillibrooke Manor’s barns or at the picturesque estate of Stanlake Park in Twyford.

All weddings are based in Berkshire, giving you access to stunning wedding venues and scenery that will impress your guests and make for beautiful memories to look back on forever.

These are exclusive wedding venues that also have years of experience in hosting events like this. They are dedicated to making your big day as unique as it can be, so they will treat all of your guests as if they are their own, and no demand is too great.

Make Things Personal

Heritage Venues offer a lot of help in wedding event planning, but they also allow room for personal touches.

There is a choice of two stunningly bespoke wedding venues and settings and full customization available for the wedding catering.

Instead of having to choose from a pre-set menu, you can work with Head Chef Krimo Merr and his team to create a delicious menu to suit your tastes.


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