Why do we dream?

We know there are different types of dreams; daydreams, unconscious dreams in our sleep, nightmares, and lucid dreaming which is the rare kind.

Research says that we spend at least an hour everyday daydreaming about something or the other. Psychologists and academics to this day, are trying to grapple the evolution of our consciousness and its depths. There are still questions to be answered; one of them being, why do we dream?

Freud, the famous psychoanalyst and the author of “The interpretation of dreams” says that dreams are nothing but our repressed wishes given form; though that definition does not …

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bucharest girls

Bucharest travel guide (3 compelling reasons to visit this esoteric holiday attraction)

It’s becoming an increasing trend that tourists from all sides of the globe are fascinated by the ex-communist Eastern European block. For many years, countries that were once isolated from the eyes of the foreigners have been diligent to re-create a positive image. Once the iron curtain fell and all the stereotypes started to vanish, an explosion of tourism ensued. In a constant struggle to attract a bigger number of visitors, some countries “magnetized” themselves immaculately – and the fight for tourism supremacy had just begun.

The stronghold of fun on Dambovita river

It’s no surprise that most of the …

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nanny with kid

How can hiring a nanny save your small business?

Working 9-5 for a micromanaging boss in a sultry office has become an obsolete form of work in the 21st century. Today people are looking for alternative business solutions. As a result, many once-employees are becoming small business owners or freelancers. While such careers give you freedom and creativity, they can be pretty demanding for people who have children. Juggling your parenting and business schedule can be exhausting. This is why you need a reliable nanny who will cover all the bases for you.

1) Smooth, uninterrupted work flow

When you’re a sole proprietor or a freelancer, one of the …

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