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We have all heard stories of the hidden gems that people find in their homes, and family heirlooms passed down through the generations that turn out to be extremely valuable. Although we may not all have vintage jewellery worth millions in our possessions, your jewellery may be worth more than you know. If you want to work out the value of your jewellery, the tips below will help you to work out the value, although you may still want to consult an expert and get their opinion.

The Condition

One of the most significant factors that will affect the value of your jewellery is the overall condition. Although, when it comes to vintage and antique jewellery, many dealers prefer to see some wear on the, which gives the item character.

Where Did You Get The Item?

Another factor which may give you an idea of the price of your jewellery is where you got it from and whether you trust the source or not. If you sourced the jewellery from an unreliable or untrustworthy source, then you may have overpaid for it. If it is a family heirloom, these can have value but are often overvalued.

Do Some Research

You can find out a lot about your jewellery using the internet, and an excellent place to start is looking up any hallmark that the piece may have. You can also search the catalogues of the various auction companies to see if they have anything similar to what you own and see how much they value they place on it. You can get a lot of excellent information about vintage jewellery online at, with some of the most reputable dealers in Europe advertising their jewellery, and a lot of relevant information on the site also.

What Does Your Instinct Say?

Although if we do not have much experience at dealing with jewellery, we may be wrong. It is worthwhile listening to your instincts first off and seeing what they say. Even jewellery expert’s instincts are sometimes wrong, so listen to your gut feeling but do not take it as gospel.

Is It Desirable?

You may have a biased view on the item as you own it, but you will need to consider how desirable the jewellery and if anyone else would want to buy it. The more desirable it is, the better the chance of the value being higher, especially if there is a demand for it which you can check online.

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Is There Any History?

The history, or provenance of an item, can also significantly affect the value, as long as reputable sources document it. Even a personal history to your family can add value if the right buyer comes along.

Consult An Expert

Ultimately, if you want to know exactly how much your vintage jewellery is worth, the best thing to do is to take it to an expert and have them appraise it. A reputable and trustworthy dealer will be able to give you a range that your item is worth, and if you sold it at auction, you could even exceed their expectations. It is nice to know the value of your jewellery, but with the memories that they can give us of when they were worn, for many people their value is priceless.


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