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French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds. They rank 4th on the American Kennel Club Breed Popularity list, and it’s not hard to see why! They are as lovely as they look.

Their unique bat-like ears and their small size are their trademarks. What happens if you couple this with their charming and affectionate nature? You get a breed that wins the heart of any dog-lover.

But have you wondered if they can be more than cute lap-dogs? Let’s find out.

How Intelligent are French Bulldogs?

If you are considering getting a French Bulldog as your first pet, you must have asked some questions. Like whether they are manageable or like people. Have you wanted to ask an expert if they are smart enough for proper training? The short answer is: Yes, they can be.

Studying their history will show that French Bulldogs were bred to be agile of mind and body. Frenchies were ratters in lace factories before becoming the beloved house pets. They were bred for intelligence because a dog must be quick of wit to catch a rat.

If they receive the proper mental stimuli from a young age, they grow up to be very smart. Once they learn a habit, they stick by it. You can play with them and they will respond you positively. Even you can play online games with your French bulldogs. To give your French bulldog some decent brain training and trial visit Then make sure to get it to an obedience trainer and let it play with interactive toys.

Note that the breed is picky on exactly how you train them. If you make no effort to ensure that training is fun, they tend to become free-thinkers. A game-like approach to training can prevent this. Otherwise, a French Bulldog can become quite stubborn, and once their heels have dug in, they won’t budge an inch.

What Makes French Bulldogs Intelligent?

As they are companion dogs, French Bulldogs like human proximity. This means that they want to be close to their human partners and family. They do this by following orders and protecting the household. A breed that does this is, without a doubt, a smart breed.

Still, you need to have trained continuously them so that they can reach this state. The French Bulldog Club describes their nature well. They state that the breed has a big personality, and this is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Once you do, you have an obedient buddy for life. And one with a cute clown’s face to boot!

If this personality is not altered through training, things become more difficult. They will not learn basic commands or do other assigned tasks. So: being near humans is not enough for your French Bulldog to become an intelligent animal. Comprehensive training is a must.

How Fast Can a Smart French Bulldog Learn?

As mentioned, the French Bulldog is not a natural obedience champion. They are not the ones to excel in a local training class. But with patience and reward-based training, they can easily master the basic exercises. These include sit, down, potty training, and walking with a harness. They can also enjoy interactive enrichment games.

Should You Scold Your French Bulldog?

As both of you advance on your journey, teaching a smart bulldog. Every time your French Bulldog has to go, say the same words. After a while, it will learn those words well and always listen. At this point, many people make the mistake of scolding their Frenchie. Don’t be one of them.

Scientists like Zazie Todd have long since proven: negative reinforcement is wrong. There are far better alternatives for dealing with inevitable puppy accidents. These accidents will happen, so be patient and be kind. Your Frenchie will love you for it.

French Bulldog Smartness Level and DNA

French Bulldogs get their DNA from Terriers and English Bulldogs. Also, remember that they were bred as ratters. This means that they just love chewing and chasing. They adore biting things that move, and your ankles will be targets. If your clown-faced buddy becomes tired or hungry, they will want to chew even more.


French Bulldogs are very smart. They are loving and easy to train. They can follow your commands without any delays. It is clear: Frenchies are intelligent, and they love people. A breed that takes to training like a fish to water: This is the French Bulldog. From puppy to adult, your smart Frenchie will always be at your side. So have fun on your journey, and don’t forget to treat your lovable pet every time they do things right.

What better friend can you ask for?


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